Writing About Ethical

choose THREE of the following bullet points to address and write about:
What are the media and information literacy skills that are discussed in the Schultz-Jones reading to develop our reflective discovery (summarize those that you think are important)? Why do you think they are important in the world we live in today? Explain and provide support for your answers.
Luciano Floridi contends that the current Information Age has changed our self-understanding. How so? What are your thoughts on his assertions? Explain and provide support for your answers.
What is “big data” and why does it matter? Explain and provide support for your answers.
Who are Edward Snowden and Julian Assange? How are they relevant to our study of information ethics this week? Do you think their actions were/are ethical or unethical? Explain and provide support for your answers.
**Continue to use the ABC method to guide your writing in your post to ensure your writing is substantive, robust, and sufficiently detailed. For each of the questions I have posed for you above:

A: Answer or address the question. (clear)
B: Back it up with evidence. Provide additional information to help support and explain. This can be references to this week’s readings, any other resources provided to you this week, or additional sources you seek out on your own. (logic)
C: Add your comments or perspectives about it. (critical)

Aim for at least 3 full paragraphs of writing in your post. I would recommend writing a separate paragraph for each bullet point if you find this helpful to organize your writing and address the bullet points completely. But if you are very comfortable with your writing skills, you are welcome to craft your paragraphs in any way that makes the most sense to you.

resources: https://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/philosopherszone/lessons-from-luciano-floridi,-the-google-philosopher/6497872


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