Write a narrative

Narrative Planner
Part 1: Brainstorming
Directions: Use complete sentences to answer all the questions to help you plan your narrative based on a conflict you have experienced.

Make a Connection
What conflict have you faced in your own life? This will be the basis of your narrative.
Who is the protagonist?
What does the protagonist look like?
What is the protagonist’s age and what other factual information is important (where he/she lives, goes to ( school, hobbies, etc.)?
How would you describe the protagonist’s personality and attitude?
Who is the antagonist?
What does the antagonist look like?
What is the antagonist’s age and what other factual information is important (where he/she lives, goes to (school, hobbies, etc.)?
How would you describe the antagonist’s personality and attitude?
What conflict does your protagonist face?
Who or what causes the conflict?
Who is involved in the conflict?
How will the protagonist respond to the conflict?

What is the outcome of the protagonist’s response to the conflict?

How will you introduce the characters, setting, and conflict in the exposition?
What events will happen in the rising action to help develop the conflict?
What will the climax (turning point) be for the protagonist? Think about the decision the protagonist will have to make as a result of the conflict.
What events will happen in the falling action?
How will the conflict be solved in the resolution?
Point of View
What point of view will you use to tell the story? Think about who can best tell the story—a narrator who is inside the story (first person) or a narrator who is outside the story but knows the thoughts and feelings of the characters (third person omniscient).
How will your selected point of view influence what readers know about the characters and the conflict in your narrative?
Part 2: Exposition
Directions: Use the answers from Part 1: Brainstorming to write your exposition paragraph. This should introduce the main characters, the conflict, and the setting. Be sure to include descriptive details.

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