Word of Mouth Recruiting

Word of Mouth Recruiting External Recruitment Internal Recruitment Job Fair Diverse Workforce Classified Ads /Newspaper Ads Social Media Job SitesLinked in and Indeed or Monster
ProsAnd cons Cons their request of candidate may be the same nationality and gender. Cons more training and orientation. Not aware of their personality or strengths and weaknesses. Higher salariesPros new ideas. May get company to excel Pros do not have to figure out the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses after working with them for a while. Moral and engagement may rise, less orientation and training. Do not have to worry about higher salariesCons posting for candidates can be a waste of time, since they already know who they want. When an inside candidate is rejected, they are upset or discontented. Pros face to face networking and exchange business cards and share resumeCan provide Candidate Resume Feedback such as suggestions on what else could help enhance it.Con if it’s a large job fair the competition can be very big.It takes time to prep for a job fair and spend lots of time and money for the job fair. Pros assist woman to have a chance at employment due to some male dominating occupations. Fills any gaps that may have workforce that do not have women. Allow single parents to get a chance at employment to help with their possible one income. Minorities can have a priority in job opportunity if they are qualified for the position. Pros Creative Freedom, Can fit in your budget due to picking size of ad.Greatfor people seeking a job. Great Compliment to online recruitmentConsNot many people read newspapers, Response rate is considered low. After going through the process of getting your ad submitted at a certain time there is no way make an urgent correction. Not enough space, if you do not have enough money Pros Can easily rule of many of the candidatesCan check to see if candidate may not be who they appear to beCons Information can be outdated or not accurateInvasion of privacy Pros for jobs sites i
Legal / employment lawsDo the method limit qualified applicants from applying Follow Title VII Yes, but there are policies that garden promotion from within Legally the employees have legal rights to access the information about them
HR Analytic: Forecasting Tool May affect how the If the Skills Inventory system do not work or is inadequate. then looking for external can be the next step. Skills Inventory system helps to easily find someone internally with the skill set you are looking for, experience and more.
Reason for using this recruiting method It is considered normal active advertisement. When people are just in a casual conversation and they are looking a job, word of mouth helps a small portion of recruitment The reason is due to people needing another route to getting candidates, to avoid any bias within the company. They provide a different view towards company’s success. It’s considered the best options. They are familiar with the company’s vision and goals. Getting out and meeting the candidates, makes you seem more interpersonal and open to accepting different range of situations to recruit. It’s a necessity to have a diverse workforce, for many different views and morals that builds a unique culture for the workforce. Showing other cultures that they matter and can bring fourth good vibes for a company that takes on seeking employees as such.
The five recruiting methods I would recommend is word of mouth, internal, external, diversity recruiting and job sites because for one, it is great to have others make the job available through word of mouth. For people who may not be technology savvy can get information about the position. The reason for internal is to allow current employees to have an opportunity to grow within the company. Especially the employees that have shown their dedication for the company and understand the vision that needs to be meet for success. External would be to bring in new ideas and innovative candidate. Someone from the outside gives a shift in the environment that could be beneficial. Diverse recruiting is recommended because by law it is important to not be discriminative. So, offering the opportunity for minorities and checking out colleges that have minority groups is a great way to open doors for people, who may have been short changed due to their race, culture etc. Furthermore, diverse organizations are a huge benefit when acknowledged and handled with care and acceptance. Finally, is using the job sites online such as Linked In, Monster, and Indeed that allows the position to be posted to many and communication can happen if needed when an interview may need to take place online.

Having a Job analysis is needed to determine the duties and characteristic s of the people to hire for them. To include a Job Specification that is asked on the Statistical Analysis. Meanwhile when looking for traits and skills of candidates there are 3 traits I recommend is employees with interpersonal skills, successful in prior jobs and didn’t quit school. A straight forward test would be needed to indicate possible traits HR is looking for that there is a prediction in how the candidate may perform.

That would be using a preemployment test such as the personality assessment test. That is computerized Would be to statistically analyze the relationship between the human trait and job performance(cite). This step is considered the less defensible approach in order to measure the candidate’s traits there needs to be Another step is having a Talent Management

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