What steps do you ordinarily take to deal with a bad mood?


The significance of distinguishing between feelings, moods, and emotions to me is each is different. For example feelings are something your feeling and are mixtures of emotions. Mood is the way you act towards something or someone. I normally look around and calm down and take deep breathes that way I am not freaking out. Yes I do believe a persons family origin can affect how it is managed, say they grew up in a bad place and constant troubles was happening with their parents and their house and jobs their feelings emotions and mood would be affected.


What is the significance of distinguishing between feelings, moods, and emotions?

Feelings are something that a person can sense because they are perceptively overwhelming. This flood of emotion triggers chemicals that are managed in our brains and bodies. Feelings are often fueled by a mix of emotions, and last for longer than emotions. Moods are more comprehensive compared to feelings because, they are not tied to a specific event, but rather a group of responses. Emotions are chemicals distributed into our body which determine the response to our version of a specific trigger. The emotion chemicals, once released into the body, are quickly reacted upon, therefore our emotion reaction time is quicker than the other two factors mentioned.

What steps do you ordinarily take to deal with a bad mood?

The steps I would ordinarily take to deal with a bad mood would be multiple steps to help recognize and change my mood. It would take some time to go through these steps, but eventually I would obtain the goal of dealing with my bad mood and positively redirecting how I feel. First, I would step back and admit that I am in a bad mood. Next, I would analyze what the triggers are to blame that resulted in my change in mood. Then, I would do what I could to remove myself from the situation because my bad mood could affect those around me. Finally, I would figure out what I needed to do to change my attitude to improve my mood, emotions, and feelings.

Do you think a person’s family of origin affects how feelings, moods, and emotions are managed?

Yes, I do think that a person’s family of origin can have a major affect on what their feelings, mood, and emotions are managed. I believe this because, society can be diverse on how it personally deals with these issues. Therefore, each coping ability used in each society can be vastly different. This difference can ultimately determine a person’s ability to cope with how they can express what they are internally dealing with. Wealth and prosperity can also have impact on a person’s ability to manage how they react to their feelings, moods, and emotions. The difference in situation can determine the reactions to how someone can respond such as when someone is wealthy, they seem to exhibit confidence and happiness when they can pay their bills, but when a person who is struggling, they exhibit signs of distress and struggle.

What examples can you provide?

My husband and I were raised with two different methods of discipline in our homes, so it is true that difference in culture can actively determine how someone deals with their emotions, feelings, and moods. My family was taught to keep our feelings, emotions, and moods to ourselves to avoid discipline, but my husband’s family sat down and talked with him to address the situation before discipline. My husband worked in Africa where the culture is very poor and malnourished so, this emotionally caused him to feel empathy for them. This also gave him the ability to see that despite the circumstances that this culture faced they were still able to survive on what little they had. Therefore, this resulted in him being able to express the importance of how blessed our family was whenever our children complained about what they could not have.


The importance of distinguishing between emotions, feelings and mood is because each word have a different meaning and is very psychologically, for example, my emotions could be exhausted, modest, afraid, or hopeful and it doesn’t have anything to do with feelings or mood. When I’m in a bad mood, I go in my room put on my headsets and listen to my favorite playlist of music. Sometimes I lie down or pace around for about an hour. It’s one of the most calming things I can do to relax me and get my head straight. I do believe a person’s origin can affect how their life is managed through emotions, feelings, and moods, for example, being in the presence of an angry father whom is abusive mentally and emotionally. This will would cause you to grow up possibly doing the same thing in friendships and relationships.

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