What are the motivation theories that economics draws upon to explain how people make decisions?

What are some of the criticisms of Kohlberg’s theory of moral development? Do you think they are justified, if so explain why or why not?

Kohlberg points out that highest level of moral development may not be attained by most people? Explain why he thinks so?

What are the motivation theories that economics draws upon to explain how people make decisions? Do you think this is always correct? Explain why or why not.

What does economics have to say about the relationship between the interests of individuals and interests of society?

Provide an example of a price controls and its impact on the economy, and explain who are the ones that gain and who are the ones that suffer losses from these price controls. Is it beneficial to society as whole?

What are the two situations in which it is society benefits from government regulations? Explain why.

Describe some of the characteristics of dishonesty exhibited by people. Explain whether these are rational decisions or not, in the sense that people have done a cost benefit analysis in making these decisions?

Explain which of the motivation theories discussed earlier would provide the best explanation for the recent athletic scandals that have taken place in the United States.

Can we use different standards to judge tax evasion by a multinational corporations as opposed to that of an individual? Explain why we should or should not.

What are some of the ways in which multinational corporations evade taxes in the United States? Who is gains and who loses from this tax evasion? Explain if you think the loss greater than the gains or vice versa.

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