What are key opportunities related to advocacy and politics interventions that can be done by advanced practice nurses to improve our current health system?

Review both resources provided below in addition to the assigned readings for this week and reflect on 2 key differences between the UK and US Health systems.

One of the most important key differences between the UK and US health systems is the way the systems receive funding. The UK healthcare system is completely public and gets its funding through general taxation. The US healthcare system, on the other hand, is a hybrid system that obtains funding from private insurance, general taxation, payroll taxes and beneficiary premiums. The approaches to financing influence the efficiency of the system and administrative costs. The UK healthcare system with its socialized approach allows medial stuff to work more efficiently, since physicians and nurses spend much less time on administrative tasks. As a result, the UK has lower rates of medical, medication, and lab errors, compared to the US (Kurani et al., 2020).

The other essential key difference is the ways the systems authorize payments for healthcare services. The UK healthcare system is a single-payer system with a centrally governed structure; the US healthcare system operates differently, since it is a multi-payer system with a complicated governing structure (Chris Childers, 2016). The US multi-payer system provides the variety of coverages and plans, but the accessibility of the US system is lower, compared to its British counterpart. Since the US system has a lot of private payment providers, the providers design coverages in which healthcare accessibility depends on the one’s level of income. Thus, low income households and uninsured populations possess only a partial access to healthcare. The UK system, where the government is the only payment provider and healthcare plans designer, has an equal access to healthcare for different cross-sections of the nation.

What are key opportunities related to advocacy and politics interventions that can be done by advanced practice nurses to improve our current health system?

Advance practice nurses have to support the transition to and implementation of a hybrid system adopting single-payer elements to improve current US healthcare system. APNs should advocate for equally accessible healthcare through appropriate scientifically reinforced policies. However, the system should preserve its flexibility enabled by public sector availability, so APNs have to create a balanced politics intervention plan using the resources of nursing associations and educational institutions.


Kurani, N., McDermott, D., Shanosky, N. (2020, August 20). How does the quality of the U.S. healthcare system compare to other countries? Healthsystemtracker.org. https://www.healthsystemtracker.org/chart-collection/quality-u-s-healthcare-system-compare-countries/#item-post-op-clots-better-u-s-comparable-countries

Chris Childers. (2016, April 26). US and UK healthcare system comparison [Video]. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4Y0TKiwNgo

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Policy and Politics in Nursing

The United States of America and the United Kingdom have one of the best care systems in the world. They provide advanced health care facilities to people. There are a few differences in both of the health care systems. The United States has the world’s largest private health care system whereas the United Kingdom has the world’s largest public health care system. There are lots of healthcare facilities and outcomes in the United States healthcare system, whereas the United Kingdom provides fewer healthcare outcomes and facilities. In the United States, the health care system is run by both non-profit and for-profit organizations. Medicare and Medicaid are the two biggest health insurance provides. When we talk about the healthcare system in the United Kingdom, it is one big socialized system that’s free for all. Only people have to pay for a dental and optical checkup, which is lower than that in the United States. One of the biggest differences in both health care systems is that the United States spends 16.9% of its GDP on healthcare that makes it fast and efficient. Whereas, the United Kingdom spends only 9.8% of its GDP.

After the immense developments in technology and health care practice, advanced nursing practices are one of the most in-demand skills that are changing the outlook of the entire healthcare system. The American Healthcare system has always been criticized for providing late healthcare facilities to a very little amount of people at a very high cost (Safriet, Barbara J. 1992). Advance nursing practices are the need of time. Nurses are the heart of any healthcare organization, they are also expert clinicians. Expert nurses by using their immense knowledge and experience of healthcare can change public policies at all levels of government. There are numerous political dimensions for advocating policies that can improve research and nursing practice on a global level (Leavitt, Judith K. 2009).

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Works Cited

Leavitt, Judith K. “Leaders in health policy: a critical role for nursing.” Nursing Outlook 57.2 (2009): 73-77.

Safriet, Barbara J. “Health care dollars and regulatory sense: The role of advanced practice nursing.” Yale J. on Reg. 9 (1992): 417.vName : Darline Francois

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