Ways And Examples Of Hypothesis Testing

Hypothesis Testing involves the procedure of making speculation and presumption guesses regarding a particular parameter. These guesses are made from either the sample data or from an uncontrolled observational study.

When a pre-agreed number of data sets in a hypothesis test shows the alternative hypothesis, then the null hypothesis must be rejected. A researcher must resolve the statistical significance level in his/her hypothesis as the findings can never be beyond 100% confident. First, let us dive into the steps to test a hypothesis, and then we shall review few real-life examples of hypothesis testing.

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Ways To Test Hypothesis
Note that at this point, you should have your hypothesis ready. The following steps will check if your suppositions stand up:

(1) State the null hypothesis.
The null hypothesis is a regularly accepted fact. It is usually what we would believe if the experiment was not conducted. The null hypothesis has the least exiting result, showing no major contrast between two or more data sets. Researchers always work to invalidate the null hypothesis.

(2) State an alternative hypothesis
An alternative hypothesis is the opposite of the null hypothesis. It demonstrates or supports a statistically significant result. This means that, by rejecting the null hypothesis, one must accept the alternative hypothesis.

(3) Determine a significance level
It involves defining the probability that the null hypothesis will be rejected and it is also known as the alpha. An average significance level is set at 5%. The significance level is a statistical way of demonstrating how confident a researcher is in his/her conclusion.

(4) Calculate the p-value
The p-value is also referred to as calculated probability. It usually shows the likelihood of getting the results of the null hypothesis. The p-level is usually what is shown when the actual data is calculated. A high p-value indicates a more substantial brace for the alternative hypothesis.

(5) Draw a conclusion
If the p-value meets the significance level demands, then the researcher knows that the alternative hypothesis may be valid, and he/she may reject the null hypothesis. That is to say; if p-value is less than the significance level, then one can deny the null hypothesis and accept the alternative hypothesis.

Two Examples Of Hypothesis Testing
The following are examples of real-world scenarios of hypothesis testing:

(1) Carbon Fuel
Carbon-based fuels are used on day to day as basis as a form of energy. Biofuels and fossil fuels are commonly used in our homes and industries. Suppose a researcher decides to test the negative environmental effects of the carbon-based fuels. His/her hypothesis should be like:

Null hypothesis – Biofuels do not have a negative effect on the environment.

Alternative hypothesis – Biofuels have less negative effect on the environment.

Significance level – The significance level is 0.25

P-value – This is calculated as 0.05

Conclusion – After providing one household with biofuels and the other with a placebo, you gauge the difference between the two based on self-reported levels of harmful effects to the environment. Based on your calculations, the difference between the two groups is statistically significant with a p-value of 0.05, well below the defined alpha of 0.25. Hence, the conclusion will be that your study supports the alternative hypothesis that biofuels can reduce the environment’s adverse effects.

(2) Lemon Juice
Is it realistic to conclude that lemon juice can cure the common flu, or is it just a misconception? There is nothing like an in-depth experiment to get to the bottom of it all. A potential hypothesis test could look something like this:

Null hypothesis – Adults who take lemon juice are no less likely to become ill during flu season.

Alternative hypothesis – Adults who take lemon juice are less likely to become ill during flue season.

Significance level – The significance level is 0.05

P-value – The p-value is calculated to be 0.20

Conclusion – After providing one group with lemon juice during the flu season and the other with a placebo, a researcher will record whether or not participants got sick by the end of flu season. After completing the statistical analysis on the results, the researcher should determine a p-value of 0.20. This is above the desired significance level of 0.05; he/she will fail to reject the null hypothesis. Based on the experiment, there is no support for the alternative hypothesis that lemon juice can prevent flue.

In the scientific community, hypothesis testing is vital for giving a flashlight into advanced theories and ideas. Statistical hypothesis tests are not just meant to select the more likely two hypotheses. Any experiment will remain with the null hypothesis until there’s enough evidence to support an alternative hypothesis.

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