Warm up of Interprocess Communication

Group Project 1: Warm up of Interprocess Communication

CECS 326 – Operating Systems

You should submit the required deliverable materials on BeachBoard by 11:55pm, October 2nd (Saturday), 2021. We provide sample code files that you can complete the required functions.

  1. Description

Question 1:

Sockets lecture describes certain port numbers as being well known—that is, they provide standard services. Port 17 is known as the quote-of-the-day service. When a client connects to port 17 on a server, the server responds with a quote for that day.

Modify the date server shown in Figure 1 so that it delivers a quote of the day rather than the current date. The quotes should be printable ASCII characters and should contain fewer than 512 characters, although multiple lines are allowed. Since these well-known ports are reserved and therefore unavailable, have your server listen to port 6017. The date client shown in Figure 3.28 can be used to read the quotes returned by your server.

Figure 1. Data Server

Question 2:

An echo server echoes back whatever it receives from a client. For example, if a client sends the server the string “Hello there! I am the client.”, the server will respond with “Hello there! I am the server.”

Write an echo server (you can use the Java networking API). This server will wait for a client connection using the accept() method. When a client connection is received, the server will loop, performing the following steps:

  1. Read data from the socket into a buffer. 2. Write the contents of the buffer back to the client.

The server will break out of the loop only when it has determined that the client has closed the connection.

Hints: the date server of Figure 1 uses the java.io.BufferedReader class. BufferedReader extends the java.io.Reader class, which is used for reading character streams. However, the echo server cannot guarantee that it will read characters from clients; it may receive binary data as well. The class java.io.InputStream deals with data at the byte level rather than the character level. Thus, your echo server must use an object that extends java.io.InputStream. The read() method in the java.io.InputStream class returns −1 when the client has closed its end of the socket connection.

3: The Required Deliverable Materials

(1) A README file, which describes how we can compile and run your code. (2) Your source code, you may use a Makefile (for C) and be submitted in the required format. (3) Your short report, which discusses the design of your program. (4) A recorded video shows the output and runtime

  1. Submission Requirements

You need to strictly follow the instructions listed below:

1) This is a group project, please submit a .zip/.rar file that contains all files, only one submission from one group.

2) Make a video to record your code execution and outputs. The video should present your name or time as identification (You are suggested to upload the video to YouTube and put the link into your report).

3) The submission should include your source code and project report. Do not submit your binary code. Project report should contain your groupmates name and ID.

4) Your code must be able to compile; otherwise, you will receive a grade of zero.

5) Your code should not produce anything else other than the required information in the output file.

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