Visit the University Transfer website (Links to an external site.). What did you discover on this site? How can this site help you with your future plans?

I have provided you with a variety of educational planning tools below as you will be creating an Educational Planand Goal Statement that is due next week. It is important for you to have a plan toward your ultimate goal. I want you to plan out what courses you will be taking to reach your goal. Everyone’s goal is unique. Some of you may be looking at certificate programs, associate degrees or transferring. These are all very complicated processes and it is important you know what you are doing. I advise all of you to meet with a college counselor so you can plan and prepare correctly to save you time – making sure you pick the correct classes and program that works for you and your future career. The transfer process has become quite tricky as there are many different types of pathways.

Visit the University Transfer website (Links to an external site.). What did you discover on this site? How can this site help you with your future plans?
The second site I want you to visit is the Assist Website at (Links to an external site.). On Assist, I want you to Click on Exploring Majors to look at a variety of majors at the UC and CSU campuses. After exploring this site, did you find any majors you are interested in? Can you tell the class the difference between a CSU and a UC?
It is also important to understand more about the ADT (Associate Degrees for Tranfer) at the CSU’s. It is important for you to talk with a counselor about the differences between ASSIST and ADTs for your particular transfer major if you are thinking about transfer. Here is the ADT website: (Links to an external site.)
There is also a lot of information in Cuyamaca Catalog. It is fully online at: (Links to an external site.). If you are at Grossmont or another campus, you should become familiar with the catalog at your campus. The catalog provides full course descriptions and any pre-requisites for courses you plan to take.
Why is the catalog important? What information can you find in the catalog? Look at the various associate degree programs and certificate programs in the catalog. What did you learn? Are you interested in any of these programs? If you are at another college, please feel free to use that catalog.
Next, look at the Class Schedule at (Links to an external site.).This is the dynamic class schedule. If the class schedule is not yet ready to view for the next semester in planning your classes, you can look at previous semesters to view what classes and times they were offered. This will help you plan for your classes for the following semester.
There are two types of Educational Plans we use with students at Cuyamaca College on the next two bullets below:
Comprehensive Educational Plan (planning all your coursework to meet your goals): (Links to an external site.) (You can type directly into this document).
Abbreviated Educational Plan (One Semester Ed plan): (Links to an external site.).
(Links to an external site.)
Do you have one of these? Can you fill one of these out? What is the difference between the two? Use one or both of these forms to do your educational plan assignment that is due. Fill out one of these documents with the classes you plan to take next semester. If you are not a Cuyamaca College Student, there are other Educational Plan forms in the assignment for Educational Planning that you can choose. Upload your plan so far in this area and summarize it in your own words.
If you are a student who has already graduated or still in high school – you still have goals and plans to accomplish, correct? This is where you will explain your unique plans and goals based on what you plan to pursue/do in life! The goal is for you to have a plan next semester and beyond.

In this Discussion, share your knowledge and answer the questions I have asked above, depending on your educational goal. Certificate? Associates? Associates and Transfer? Transfer? What have you learned? Upload an Abbreviated (one semester) plan here. That would be the courses you plan to take next semester. Also answer this, “What are your educational goals toward your future career? You can also upload your comprehensive educational plan (six semester ed plan) if you wish. Either plan or both are fine for this Discussion

DON’T Forget! You sill must upload your Comprehensive Ed plan and Goal statement in the assignment during Week 4. To book an online counseling appointment go here: (Links to an external site.)

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