The United States History In The World

Type at least 1/2 page for each Global Passage. –

Type at least a paragraph response (10 to 12 sentences) for both questions in 7 of the 15 Global Passages of your choice. You may or may not add an additional source in your response.

Each Global Passage Response should fill at least one-half -page. Remember to organize your thoughts, structure your words clearly, and write to express your main points. Begin by restating the questions into a direct answer and then proceed to expound; do not re-write the question, however include an introduction, continue with the body, and conclude with clear and thoughtful entries in each response.

Chapter 1 Global Passages: Chocolate

Why did Europeans initially fear chocolate and other American foods? Why do you think they overcame this anxiety?

How has the meaning behind chocolate consumption changed over time?

Chapter 2 Global Passages: Angela’s Ordeal, the Atlantic Slave Trade, and the Creation of African North American Cultures

In what ways did the struggle between England and Spain for supremacy in the Americas shape Angela’s ordeal and English participation in the Atlantic slave trade?

In what ways did shared origins in West Central Africa likely shape the lives of Angela and other Africans in early Virginia?

Chapter 3 Global Passages: Global Catholicism, Indian Christianity, and Catherine Kateri Tekakwitha

In what ways have Catholic clergy and Indians viewed the life of Tekakwitha since her death? In what ways have those portraits differed? What might account for such differences?

Tekakwitha and Pocahontas chose to participate in colonial societies that profoundly altered their worlds. Are their lives, and the choices that they made, comparable? Explain.

Chapter 4 Global Passages: New York, Madagascar, and Indian Ocean Piracy

Why did New Yorkers help to establish European piracy in the Indian Ocean? Why did English officials seek to sever their ties to Indian Ocean pirates in the 1690s?

What relationship did the campaign to cut New York’s ties to Indian Ocean pirates have to the British Empire’s broader war on piracy during the 1700s?

Chapter 5 Global Passages: The Deerskin Trade and Indian Consumers

How and why did the deerskin trade reshape Native American life?

How did environmental factors in both Europe and North America impact trade?

Chapter 6 Global Passages: Independence: Transatlantic Roots, Global Influence

Why was it so important for the Declaration of Independence to appeal to the broader world at large?

In what ways do you think the Declaration of Independence has shaped global opinion of the United States?

Chapter 7 Global Passages: Phillis Wheatley, Revolutionary Transatlantic Poet

In what ways might Phillis Wheatley have caused white Americans to question their assumptions about Africans and enslaved people?

How did global movement influence Phillis Wheatley’s life and work?

Chapter 8 Global Passages: Revolutionary Migrations

How do you think the migration of tens of thousands of people across the Atlantic and the Caribbean shaped the relationship between the United States and the revolutions in France and Saint-Domingue?

How significant was the decision by Congress to allow Saint-Dominguan slaveholders to bring slaves into the United States after the international slave trade had been outlawed?

Chapter 9 Global Passages: Francisco de Miranda, the United States, and Latin American Independence

Compare Miranda’s 1806 Venezuela invasion to Andrew Jackson’s takeover of Florida in the First Seminole War.

Why do you think neither President Adams nor President Jefferson wanted to support Miranda even though other Americans supported his plans?

Chapter 10 Global Passages: Whaling

Why do you think American culture was so fascinated with whaling if it was just another capitalist industry?

Compare and contrast how whaling and butter making contributed to the growth of the market economy.

Chapter 11 Global Passages: Middlemen Abroad

How does the importance of the early global drug trade challenge the traditional notion of market exchanged as benevolent or mutually beneficial?

How would the cultural exchanges (such as the one described previously by

John Heard) have shaped a trader’s or his family’s perceptions of Indians?

Chapter 12 Global Passages: Celebrating the Black Atlantic

How did black Americans learn about the experiences of other enslaved people in the hemisphere?

What lessons did they draw from these experiences and how did they shape the struggle against slavery in the United States?

Chapter 13 Global Passages: Making Boundaries, Conestogas, Comanches, and Californios

Why did the United States want a clearly demarcated boundary when none had existed prior to the war?

What made a clear settlement of a boundary line difficult?

Chapter 14 Global Passages: A Global War for Democracy

Why were European reformers interested in the U.S. Civil War?

How did their support matter for the North?

Chapter 15 Global Passages: Irish American and the Fenian Struggle

Why did the U.S. government protect American Fenians even when they took up arms against the British Empire?

How did the naturalization of Irish immigrants as Americans relate to making freed people citizens at the same time?

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