stratification economic inequality conflict theory

Specifics of the Activity:

The discussion forum will not become available for you to see posts until after you submit your initial post to the forum. At that point, the forum will open up and all submissions from your classmates will be visible. After submitting your initial post, you will then be able to submit your response post. Please recognize that your grade for these posts depends not only on your initial post, but also on your response post (which is simply a reply of constructive criticism to one of your classmates). Please always write in complete sentences.

Initial Post: Browse through these three sociology blogs to find articles about the topics highlighted in bright colors below.

Everyday Sociology Blog (Links to an external site.)
The Society Pages (Links to an external site.)
Contexts (Links to an external site.)
After browsing for a bit, find a blog article from one of the above blogs that addresses at least two of the topics below (in bright colors). It’s your choice so choose the topics and articles that interest you most!

stratification economic inequality conflict theory

wealth COVID-19, Coronavirus, and/or pandemic social class

Begin your submission with a link to your chosen blog article. Then, reflecting on your chosen blog article that contains at least two of the above six topics, compose your own initial discussion post explaining to your classmates what you learned from your chosen article and how your two chosen topics relate to each other or influence each other. Remember, not all topics will be covered in all blog articles and some topics will be covered in more than one. Please be sure that your initial post is between 550 and 675 words in length. These initial posts should also contain at least two in-text citations from your chosen blog article. When citing, use MLA Style (Links to an external site.). However, the majority of your initial post needs to be in your own words based upon your observations from the blog article. The idea is to use your sources to enhance your initial post and incorporate direct quotes sparingly.

Response Post: Your response post can only be completed once you have participated in the discussion forum by submitting your initial post and have read other classmates’ posts. Your response post should critically reflect on one initial post made by a classmate. There are many ways to go about doing this, but looking for connections between your ideas and others is a great place to start. What did your classmate learn and contribute that was either similar to or different from your findings?

Your response to another classmate’s initial post should be at least 150 words in length–and please be sure that these are related to the classmate’s initial post.

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