Role Of A Natural-Wetland And A Constructed Wetland Essay

C e n t r a l S t a t e U n i v e r s i t y – D e p a r t m e n t o f W a t e r R e s o u r c e s M a n a g e m e n t
Introduction to Water Resources Management (WRM2200)
Term Paper – Topic(s) & Content(s) – 15% weighting-factor on the final grade
Topics are provided and each student should be approved on their selected topic, by the Instructor:

  1. Any Other Topic relevant to WRM and student’s major discipline: The student is encouraged to come
    up with a topic but MUST GET approval from the Instructor before embarking on it. Good Source
    for finding topics: The “News & Views” Folder on Schoology
  2. Please do not take a topic that another one already has chosen.
  3. Choose one topic and notify the Instructor on or before the set deadline for the topic.
  4. LAST DAY for the Report Submission: Check your set deadline for submission
    (No late submission; any report that will be provided after this deadline will get no point UNLESS there
    is a valid reason with a document supports it)
  5. If any report contains the verbatim text of a reference source, points will be reduced.
  6. If any report contains verbatim text from another report (from the same class), both reports will lose
  7. Contact the Instructor during office hour(s) for any help s/he could provide.
    REPORT WRITING (15 Points)
  8. Minimum 3000 Words (This does not include a reference page, cover page, Figures, and Tables).
  9. All texts, except the Abstract in Single Spacing Times New Roman-12 Fonts with a page margin –
    1” x 1”
  10. A cover page with:
    a. the title of the paper,
    b. student’s name,
    c. Course name & the Course Number,
    d. Course given semester.
  11. Contents and Order of the Report:
    a. (one-paragraph) Abstract (in 200-300 words, in Single Spacing, Times New Roman, and
    10 font-size);
    b. Introduction – Introduce any relevant background knowledge, for example, give
    definitions on terms and discuss the history of the topic;
    c. Issues – Explain why this topic is important, list the significance, concerns, impacts and
    challenges of the topic;
    d. Data – Use relevant data to provide any detail explanations for the issues brought up to
    explain how sever or significant the issue is;
    e. Analysis/Discussion – Provide your discussions or analysis on the topic, solving the
    issues and mitigate the impacts/consequence;
    f. Conclusion – (in 300-400 words) Highlight the important findings you draw through
    the topic investigation;
    g. Reference(s).
    C e n t r a l S t a t e U n i v e r s i t y – D e p a r t m e n t o f W a t e r R e s o u r c e s M a n a g e m e n t
  12. Reference(s) in text: references should be linked by numbers or name(s) of the authors in the
    text —
    a. Placement: references are cited in the text by the author’s surname, the publication date
    of the work, and a page number if necessary. Full details are given in the reference list.
    Place them at the appropriate point in the text. If they appear within parenthetical
    material, put the year with commas.
    b. With a quotation: This is the text, and Smith (2012) says “quoted text” (p.1), which
    supports my argument.
    c. Author: one author: Smith (2012) or (Smith, 2012)
    Two authors: Smith and Jones (2012) or (Smith & Jones, 2012)
    Three to five authors: At first mention: Smith, Jones, Khan, Patel, and
    Chen (2012) or (Smith, Jones, Khan, Patel, & Chen, 2012). At subsequent
    mention: Smith et al. (2012) or (Smith et al., 2012)
    Six or more authors: Smith et al. (2012); (Smith et al., 2012)
    No author: Cite first few words of title (in quotation marks or italics
    depending on journal style for that type of work), plus the year: (“Study
    Finds,” 2007)

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