Regulation Assignment Institutional Affiliation

Describe the differences between a board of nursing and a professional nurse association

Board of Nursing regulates the nursing practice throughout the state while professional nurse association supports nurses.

Board of Nursing is a non-profit organization that focuses on the public’s welfare.

The professional nurse association focuses on empowering nurses and advancements seen in the health care industry.

One difference between the two will focus on the reason why the Missouri Board of Nursing was established. The Board of Nursing in this state was established to regulate the nursing practice throughout the state. The regulation of the nursing practice will also contribute to the protection of the general public. The professional nurse association was established to support the nurses and advocate for them. Furthermore, the nurse association has helped nurses to advance in their profession. The Missouri Board of Nursing seeks to promote the health and welfare of the public. The promotion of the public’s health and welfare will be carried out by making sure that the nurses practicing are licensed and will provide competent care to their patients. This board will also be regarded as a non-profit organization that is also independent. The membership in the Missouri Board of Nursing will be different when compared to the membership in a professional nurse association. The primary reason behind the establishment of a professional nursing association is to serve the nurses by empowering them. Furthermore, the association will also focus on the advancements seen in healthcare (L’Ecuyer et al., 2018).


Describe the geographic distribution, academic credentials, practice position, and licensure status of members of the board for your specific region/area.

Geographical Distribution: Members living within the state. Furthermore, members have to be residents of the states for one year.

Academic credentials: They should have a diploma or degree in nursing, an associate degree or baccalaureate.

Practice position- The nurse should have a license to practice.

The geographical distribution of the members of the Missouri Board of Nursing will focus on regions that can be found in this particular state. The members of the board have to be residents of the state for one year. Furthermore, they should also be American citizens. The academic credentials revolve around individuals who have an associate degree, a diploma or degree in nursing, or have baccalaureate. Furthermore, the individual will be required to have experience in nursing practice. The practice position of the nurses focuses on a licensed practical nurse and an advanced practice registered nurse. The members will have to be licensed as per the regulations provided in the state (L’Ecuyer et al., 2018).


Who is on the board? How does one become a member of the board?

The Board of Nursing has nine members.

Five members have to be registered professional nurses

One member should be a licensed practical nurse

One other member should be an advanced practice registered nurse while another a public member.


Bachelor’s degree in nursing.

Three year experience in nursing practice. Regulation Assignment Institutional Affiliation

The Missouri Board of Nursing has nine members who have been appointed to that particular position. The length of the term for the board members is four years. Five members of the board will be professional nurses who have also been registered as such. Among the nine members, one member has to hold the position of a licensed practical nurse, and another has to be an advanced practice registered nurse. Furthermore, one member of the board will have to be a public member who will vote during elections. For one to become a member, he or she has to have a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Furthermore, he or she has to have experience in nursing practice for a minimum of three years. The members will be appointed or reappointed into the office.


Describe at least one federal regulation for healthcare.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act was enforced back in 1996

Five rules under the legislation:-

Identifiers rule

The privacy rule

The transaction rule

The enforcement rule

The security rule

One of the most known federal regulations that will be used in the health care industry is the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. This regulation or legislation became active back in 1996. The legislation provides regulations that aim to protect the security of health information as well as maintain privacy. The legislation consists of five rules, mainly the security rule, the identifiers rule, the privacy rule, the transaction rule, and the enforcement rule. The privacy rule focuses on information, which can only be disclosed when the patient has given his or her authorization. The security rule, on the other hand, focuses on procedures and standards that will make sure that electronic health information has been kept safe. The transaction rule revolves around codes that will make sure the medical records are safe while the identifiers rule focuses on financial and administrative transactions. The last rule, the enforcement rule focuses on penalties that shall be enforced when an individual violates the rules established in the Act (Cohen, & Mello, 2018).


How does this regulation influence delivery, cost, and access to healthcare? Has there been any change to the regulation within the past five years? Explain

The HIPAA has influenced the delivery of healthcare by keeping medical records safe.

An increase in the cost has been seen following the development of systems that comply with the legislation.

Access to healthcare has increased since accurate medical records have been stored safely.

No changes have been made. Last changes were made back in 2013.

The regulation has influenced the delivery of quality in healthcare, more so when it comes to medical research. The delivery of healthcare services has been influenced positively since medical records have been kept safe. Furthermore, medical information will only be disclosed only when authorization has been given. The regulation has influenced the Occupational Safety and Health Act by making sure privacy has been protected. This shows that the quality of healthcare services will be higher. An increase in the cost of healthcare has been seen since the restrictions established in the legislation will affect the delivery of healthcare services. Recruitment costs will be required because of the Act, which shows that the regulation has negatively influenced the costs in healthcare. There are added costs that focus on the development of systems that complies with the regulation. The influence the regulation has when it comes to access to healthcare is positive since the systems that comply with the regulations established in the legislation have managed to store accurate medical information. No changes have been made to the regulation. The last changes were made in 2013. However, some changes can be made in the future, such as changes to the privacy rule and tighter penalties that will be given to individuals who violate the rules established in the Act (Cohen, & Mello, 2018). Regulation Assignment Institutional Affiliation

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