One of the major myths about feminism, according to the textbook, is the idea that women have already achieved full equality in the world

1) One of the major myths about feminism, according to the textbook, is the idea that women have already achieved full equality in the world. How is this myth challenged by our readings so far? What issues regarding gender do you identify as being “unfinished.” Be sure to include references to specific course readings to support your answer.

2) In this chapter, the authors write that women’s studies is “not just an ‘area of study’ – meaning it is not just about ‘women’ – it is about something much deeper: a way of orienting to academic work that is attuned to power relations, both within the academy and within knowledge construction itself.” Interpret this in your own words – what does this mean? How is this idea argument related to Adrienne Rich’s Claiming and Education?

3) Reflection – Now that we’ve reached the end of this unit, I’d like to take some time for you to reflect on what we’ve learned. For this question, you’re asked to think of one memory of an event (or a series of events) in your life that you can connect to one of our class discussions/topics. Describe the event and explicitly relate it to at least one class reading. (Note: You may consult the book and other readings as much as you want during this exercise).

Pay particular attention to the way gender operated during this even. Make connections between your story and the readings and concepts discussed and developed in class. In other words, sketch a moment in your life and them make a “bigger picture” connection using material from the course. Has your understanding or recollection of that event changed in some way, after participating in the course? Do you wish there would have been a different outcome or changed that experience in some way? If yes, how?

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