New Health Systems: Aligning Money, Risk, Providers, And Politics

In your reply posts, incorporate challenges you would anticipate for the proposals, as well as arguments to overcome those challenges. Each reply should be 200 :

Today, I believe most of the money being spent on healthcare should be used on educating patients on possible lifestyle modifications that can be made for many different disease preventions. Diet is one of the most modifiable factors for numerous diseases that the majority of the population suffers from, such as diabetes and hypertension. “The Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet, a dietary pattern, currently receiving much attention, was originally designed to reduce blood pressure13; this diet emphasizes intakes of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, legumes, moderate amounts of low-fat dairy; and underscores reduced intakes of red or processed meats, sodium, and sweetened beverages( Hossein, 2019) ” Here the author stresses the importance of DASH diet and how it can manage hypertension apart from using prescription drugs. With the stress of education on patients, they would be able to manage hypertension and save money on costs such as insurance premiums, and copays. “and higher adherence to DASH diet score was related with lower odds of metabolically unhealthy normal weight phenotype in comparison to metabolically healthy normal weight younger adults ( Hossein, 2019) “ Here, the population can avoid metabolic syndrome by following the DASH diet, which is proven to be a modifying factor. The avoidance of liquor is also a large modifying risk factor in the role of hypertension.
Other modifying factors include exercise. It has been proven that 30 mins of exercise at least 3 times a week reduces blood pressure levels. Diet and exercise have great impact in the prevention of hypertension and diabetes ( type 2) “ brings attention to the importance of healthy aging. Adoption of healthy lifestyle activities such as participating in physical activity on a daily basis is key to maintaining physical and mental health. (Norma, 2020).” Here, we can even use education to involve the elderly population to prevent any extra complications of aging. “he results indicated that the exercise intervention contributed to significant improvements in the older adults’ health-related variables for the EG when contrasted with the control group ( Norma, 2020 )” So, you see the Dash diet, and even exercise is useful at any age so this would be a modifiable factor. This method has also proved to be effective in reducing diastolic, systolic blood pressures, cholesterol, blood lipids, and even depressive symptoms. Money that is given to insurance companies should be spread out to other healthcare branches in order to spread knowledge. Health companies would be putting money towards prevention. Money should also be going towards mandatory screening of preventable diseases. Offices need to be constantly reminded of annual blood work up, lung cancer screening, and even regular blood pressure work up. As far as end of life care goes, money would be spent naturally less on chronic treatments and even procedures because of better health maintenance and wellness which was added earlier in life. In regard to policy utilizing this information we can install schools to have only healthy food option in order to prevent diabetes. The cost of diabetes is a lifelong commitment to insulin, blood checks, and doctor visits if not controlled early on. There should be no sodas, fresh squeezed juices, and more gym time. I hope to see a future that focus more on wellness to eliminate the prognosis of diseases and money spent on these diseases. A lot of diseases can be prevented by exercise, proper eating, and being active with screening. We should educate regrading things like the DASH diet to promote wellness. There should be strict polices in regards to foods in children’s school’s, and free screenings.

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