MKT 572 Individual Assignment 2

Please submit your individual assignment to corresponding basket before due date. Late work will not be accepted and will be graded as zero.

Don’t put all answers together. Please specify the question number clearly in your submission.

The following questions are related to topics in Chapter 16.

Question 3 (40 points total):

A local car dealer is attempting to determine which premium will draw the most visitors to its showroom. An individual who visits the showroom and takes a test ride is given a premium with no obligation. The dealer chose four premiums and offered each for one week. The results are as follows:

Week Premium
Total Given Out

1 Four-foot metal stepladder

2 $50 savings bond

3 Dinner for four at a local steakhouse

4 Six pink flamingos plus an outdoor thermometer

3(a): Please identify the research question (one sentence) (5 points).

Here are some examples of the research question:

How/why A is related to B?

Does A cause/equal/bigger/smaller/explain than B?

Whether A is equal/bigger/smaller than B?

3(b) Please generate the appropriate hypothesis (10 points)



3(c): Find the appropriate statistical test, compute the test statistics. Please give detailed calculation procedures. (20points)

3(d): Based on your computed test statistics, draw your conclusions (5 points)

  1. What conclusion(s) can you make from the following cross tabulation? (5 points)

Number of Children

Ever Divorced 1 or less 2 to 4 5 or more
Yes 9% 63% 92%
No 91% 37% 8%
Total 100% 100% 100%
a. Having more children increases the divorce rate.
b. Getting divorced makes a couple have more children.

c. The more children a person has the more likely s/he is to be divorced.

d. All of the above can be correctly concluded from the cross-tabulation.

e. None of the above can be concluded from the cross-tabulation.

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