Experts at Wharton and elsewhere say the recession has shifted priorities for consumers, who are now more willing to trade quality for a lower price. While some argue that consumers will go back to spending freely as good times return, others say Americans have permanently embraced a cheapskate philosophy, and are unlikely to go back to their spendthrift ways anytime soon.”

This article was the first one I read out of the choices we had available. My reaction to seeing the three articles was to write about Mastering Digital Marketing, but something about Sandy’s story resonated with me. It could be because of my experience of being raised by my grandparents, who worked hard to make sure that my sister and I had a roof over our head and food on the table. It could be that when I first moved out on my own, I too embraced the label of being called cheap and for a good reason. When I was living at home with my grandparents, there were things that I took for granted that hindsight makes you realize. In the same breath, you also begin to realize how much the lessons your parents or grandparents influence the decision that you make. When I read about Sandy’s experience financial literacy came to mind. This wasn’t a lesson I learned or a conversation we had when I was at home and I wish it were. Living in Chatsworth, my classmates were from all walks of life so this led me to experience different cultures and ultimately allowed me to learn lessons that I wasn’t necessarily privy to. As I’ve grown, taking in to account my experiences along the way, I’ve realized how essential finances and credit are to becoming financially independent. I’m sure everyone in our class can relate to Sandy’s story as we are all attending Pepperdine, which charges tuition that isn’t just a drop in the bucket.

That being said, when I first moved out, I experienced being laid off because the company I was working for was sold to investors who would dissolve the business. What they didn’t tell us was the check for the previous pay period would bounce. As you all know, rent in California isn’t cheap, so not being paid for two weeks put me in a tough situation where I had to adopt the “badge of honor” Sandy mentions. Here is an excerpt from the article: “For those who have lost jobs or savings in the ongoing economic turmoil, learning how to live “cheap” has not been a choice — it has been a necessity.” (Wharton 2020) I had to trade quality for savings in order to survive which the experts at Wharton touched on in the quote that I chose. Even though the experience was unfortunate, it was a life lesson that is still paying dividends today. I’ve become more mindful of decisions that negatively affect my financial standing because I want to purchase properties soon and you need good credit to do so. So for the sake of reaching my goals, I’m okay with being cheap, but it hasn’t been easy. I’m not perfect and there have been plenty of times where I make impulse buys. However, I would argue against a point mentioned in the article that Americans have embraced a cheapskate philosophy. I believe that as their earnings increase and technology advances, spending will increase as well because of innovations like Amazon Prime, GrubHub, and Apple Pay.

No Longer Simply ‘Chic,’ Cheap Is Now a Badge of Honor – Knowledge@Wharton. (2020). Retrieved 21 February 2020, from…

Response 1: ( around 300 words)

Discussion 2 :

Mastering digital marketing

“What digital allows you to do is have something for everybody and use the data that you have about an individual in a particular moment (Edelman, 2014)”

The advent of ever evolving technology and the major shift in how digitally enabled and aware people in general have become, it is absolutely not a surprise that traditional approaches to marketing has too been overshadowed (to say the least) by the digital marketing approaches. The way people now a day interact with various brands and companies have seen a major shift ever since the internet and the digital aspects evolved and with smart phones taking place of almost a third hand for most individuals in the world. The world today is almost unimaginable with an internet and as per the reports published by Statista, there are almost 4.54 billion people around the globe that are active internet users (Clement, 2020). Therefore, in an age wherein almost entire target audience of the brands and the companies are online, it is but obvious that a brand has to be digitally present at all the platforms wherein their target customers are so that they can connect and engage with them.

As as an audience and as marketers, we can see around us that most of the brands all around are trying to speak to their customers (prospective as well as present) via digital medium more than ever before and the traditional marketing campaigns have taken a back seat (though not over yet). The fact that the digital space has become so attractive for the marketers is firstly because of the presence of their target audience on the digital platform and secondly because this medium facilitates and helps the marketer to not only get a clear data as per the detailed analytical performance reports of all the undertaken campaigns but also data about the audience (as go what they are looking for, where are they present, what they have been talking about on various social media sites, their taste, preferences and behaviour) that can be advantageously used by the brand to provide a better experience to them because of their available data insight. The brands should segregate their communication as per the categories that that can derive from the data and then accordingly marketing them so that the marketing communication for each category is relevant to their corresponding audience. Therefore, in order to get the game of digital marketing right, the firms need to understand that given the fact that this approach can be extraordinarily helpful in helping the marketers talk to their target audience at a level in which they can connect with the brand almost on an individual level, the firms have to realise that digital marketing isn’t just getting periodically interested in rolling out campaigns but it is constantly working to make the connect with the audience so that they are marketed about the products or services that are relevant to them and not just mass-marketed. Digital marketing is highly dynamic and the firms that want to master this have to be on the toe to always adapt to the newest technology and trends and tactics.

The companies should make small-scale pilots and test what’s working and what’s not as per specific segmentation and targeting and make the required changes to improve the outcome. The should necessarily learn how to prioritize the data and know how to get the right people to work together while not forgetting to constant keep working on rapid-cycle test. It is important that the control system is in place and the moves and campaigns are timely analysed and required amendments done so that the end motive of the entire marketing effort is achieved by the brands!


Edelman, D. (2014). Mastering digital marketing. Retrieved 22 February 2020, from…

Clement, J. (2020). Global digital population 2020 | Statista. Retrieved 22 February 2020, from…

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