Lab Stuff Study Guide.

Bio 152 Exam 2 Lab Stuff Study Guide

2-8 Effect of Temp (p 105)
2-9 Effect of pH (p 111)
Pipetting Exercise
6-2Standard Plate Count (p 411)
2-6 Fluid Thioglycollate Broth (p 95)
2-7 Anaerobic Jar (p 101)
2-11 Steam Sterilization (p 125)

How does temperature affect bacterial growth?

Given hypothetical growth data for bacteria incubated at different temperatures, be able to classify bacteria based on temp requirements ( psychrophile, mesophile, thermophile, hyperthermophile)?

Be able to answer question #6 on p. 110.

How does pH affect bacterial growth?

Given hypothetical growth data for bacteria incubated in different pH broths, be able to classify bacteria based on pH requirements ( acidophile, neutrophile, alkalinophile)?

Know how to properly use a serological pipette. For help check out these youtube videos:

Review slides 50-57 in lecture 5.

Here is a sample problem- Calculate the cell density (CFU/mL) of the source culture below:

What should sterile FTB look like? (see fig 2.36 p 96)What does the pink region indicate?

Be able to answer question 1 on p 99.

Know the aerotolerance classifications for the organisms used in this experiment: P fluorescens, C sporogenes, S epidermidis

Be able to answer questions 1-4(on p 103-104)

Was our growth data for P fluorescens, C sporogenes, S epidermidis consistent with our findings in exercise 2-6?

Why do typical biological indicators contain bacterial endospores?

After the ampules inside the vials have been crushed, what does a purple color indicate? What does a yellow color indicate?

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