INTRODUCE the service FIRM you have chosen, mentioning the service PRODUCT you are focusing on.

  1. Introduction (1/2 page)

• INTRODUCE the service FIRM you have chosen, mentioning the service PRODUCT you are focusing on.

• Discuss your PRODUCT IN DETAIL:

— o Describe PRODUCT ASPECTS (7-Ps) noted in Table 1.3 of the textbook (product, place, promotion, price, people, physical evidence, and process)

— o Describe application of the FOUR UNIQUE CHARACTERISTICS of services noted in Table 1.2 (intangible, heterogeneous, perishable, and simultaneous production and consumption)

Maximum score


  1. Company Environment (1 page)

• Create a S.W.O.T ANALYSIS for your chosen service firm

— o Describes the ENVIRONMENT in which the firm operates

— o Mentions all of the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL INFLUENCES

— o Summarizes the DEMAND TREND for this service product including any major developments in the industry relevant to your product and organization.

— o Findings presented in required CHART FORM.

Maximum score


  1. Customer Gap Analysis (4-6 pages)

• Describe TYPICAL CONSUMERS or target markets for this service, including customer EXPECTATIONS and PERCEPTIONS of the service.

• Comment on customers’ ZONES OF TOLERANCE (Module 1, Topic 3).

Maximum score


Customer Gap Analysis-continued

• Briefly outline a TYPICAL service ENCOUNTER

— o Discuss whether the CUSTOMERS of this service firm are SATISFIED

— o Discuss how well your chosen service FIRM UNDERSTANDS its customers’ EXPECTATIONS of service quality (Module 1, Topic 4, Activity 6).

Maximum score


Customer Gap Analysis-continued

• Apply the FIVE DIMENSIONS of SERVICE QUALITY (reliability, responsiveness, assurance, empathy, and tangibles) to your chosen service firm (refer to Table 4.2 in the textbook).

— o Discuss how well the FIRM UNDERSTANDS customers’ PERCEPTIONS of service. (Module 1, Topic 4, Activity 5).

• Discuss any CUSTOMER GAPS that may be occurring.

Maximum score


  1. Provider Gap 1 Analysis (6-8 pages)

• Marketing Research

… o Discuss the ROLE OF MARKETING RESEARCH in your chosen firm

… o Outline OBJECTIVES and current TYPES of marketing research used, if any.

… o Discuss how effectively this INFORMATION is COMMUNICATED TO MANAGEMENT (Module 2, Topic 1, Activity 1).

[Note that this part is referring to the communication between researchers and management.]

Maximum score


Marketing Research- Provider Gap Continued

— o Design a QUESTIONNAIRE for your firm (Exhibit 5.2. in your textbook).

— o COMPLETE the questionnaire

— o SUMMARIZE your findings.

— o ATTACH A COPY of your questionnaire in an appendix. (Module 2, Topic 1, Activity 1).

Maximum score


Marketing Research- Provider Gap Continued

— o Comment on UPWARD COMMUNICATION in your chosen firm (Module 2, Topic 1, Activity 2).

[Note: this part is asking about the communication of employees and customers to management.]

Maximum score


Customer Relationship Management- Provider Gap Continued

.. o Based on your description of typical customers for this firm above, briefly outline how well your ORGANIZATION UNDERSTANDS the EXPECTATIONS of DIFFERENT customer GROUPS or segments (Module 2, Topic 2).


….. • Does it effectively MOTIVATE the firm to FOCUS more on customer RELATIONSHIPS than customer transactions?

….. • Discuss the OTHER CRM (customer relationship management) PRACTICES your firm employs to attract and retain customers. (Module 2, Topic 2, Activity 3).

Maximum score


Service Recovery- Provider Gap Continued

— o Analyze the SERVICE RECOVERY STRATEGIES in your chosen firm (Module 2, Topic 3).

Maximum score


  1. Conclusion (1/2-1 page)

• Draw conclusions about the COMPANY ENVIRONMENT


—– o Examine the impact of three or four KEY FACTORS (internal or external) on FUTURE OPERATIONS of your chosen services firm.

—– o Review CUSTOMER GAPS the firm is facing

—– o Review PROVIDER GAP 1 factors

….. o SUGGEST IMPROVEMENTS to close both Customer Gaps and Provider Gap 1.

Maximum score


  1. Presentation

… • All sources, including websites and personal interviews with your chosen firm are cited.

… • All material presented is organized and clear.

… • Uses reflective, logical, and rational thinking to gather, combine, process, interpret, and analyze the information and develop reasonable conclusions.

… • Uses appropriate marketing terms and concepts.

… • Demonstrates knowledge, skills, and perspectives on the topic.

… • Demonstrates connections between your learning and actual business practices and processes.

… • Paragraphs are unified, developed, and coherent, with transitions between ideas.

… • Sentences are grammatically correct; words are chosen for accuracy and impact.

… • Writing follows the conventions of spelling and mechanics (punctuation, etc.).

… • Documentation follows APA style accurately and consistently.

… • Assignment is submitted in MS Word and uses 12‐point Arial font.

Maximum score


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