Integers in the Real WorldConnecting Integers to Finances

Imagine that you have graduated and obtained your ideal job! This project will help you connect what you have learned about integers to personal finances.

In this project, you will:

Learn to describe income using an equation.
Learn to evaluate your income based on given hours per week or a goal amount of money.
Learn to make reasonable conclusions about finances.
Connect the idea of positive and negative integers to credits and debits within accounts.
To complete this project you will:

Complete the Ideal Job Worksheet to guide you in developing your budget. Be sure to show all work!
Complete a 2-page, double-spaced, APA formatted report. In the report, you need to present your findings and explain the connections between your calculations and integers. Thoughts to include in the report include: What types of transactions are positive or negative? How can you write an expression to determine your income? How can you write an equation to solve the number of hours you need to work or the amount of money you need to make to reach your financial goals.
Ideal Job Worksheet

Length/Formatting Instructions
Length 300 Words
Font 12 point , Calibri Font, no more than 1″ margins
Program/File Type Submit in Word
Attachments Should be pasted into the Word document if possible.
Referencing system APA referencing system is necessary in assignments, especially material copied from the Internet.
For examples of correct citations, visit the following links:

File Name

Integers in the Real World Grading Rubric
Your work will be evaluated on the following criteria:

CATEGORY Exemplary Satisfactory Unsatisfactory Unacceptable
Writing Style – Organization, Transitions, Tone 5 points
The assignment is written with excellent organization, thoughtful transitions, and the appropriate tone. 4 points
This writing assignment is adequately organized, but has some errors in the transitions or the tone. 2 points
This writing assignment is poorly organized, or it contains ineffective transitions and/or inappropriate tone. 0 points
This writing assignment displays little to no organization or transitions, and/or does not use the appropriate tone.
APA Format – Margins, Font, Spacing, Headings and Cover Page 5 points
The margins, font, spacing, headings, and cover page are all formatted properly. 4 points
There are 1-2 errors in the formatting of the margins, font, spacing, headings, or cover page. 2 points
There are 3-4 errors in the formatting of the margins, font, spacing, headings, or cover page. 0 points
There are more than 4 errors in the formatting of the margins, font, spacing, headings, or cover page.
APA Format – Citations and References 5 points
All sources used for quotes and facts are credible and cited, and the references and in-text citations are all properly formatted. Each reference has an in-text citation and in-text citation has a reference. 4 points
All sources used for quotes and facts are credible and cited, but slight errors are present in the format of the in-text citations or references. Or there may be one in-text citation or reference missing. 2 points
Some sources used for quotes and facts are either not credible or there are significant errors in the in-text citations and/or references. Or there are multiple missing in-text citations or references. 0 points
The sources used for quotes and facts are not credible and/or not cited. The in-text citations and/or references are not present.
Application to the Real World 40 points
The response indicates a high level application integers in the real world. he response demonstrates a complete understanding and analysis of how and when to use positive and negative integers 32 points
The response indicates a basic application integers to the real world. The response demonstrates a clear understanding of the use of positive and negative integers. 16 points
The response indicates an incomplete application of integers in the real world. The response demonstrates a conceptual understanding and analysis of the problem. 0 points
The response indicates little or no application of integers to the real world.
Accuracy 45 points
The entire assignment was completed with dedicated attention to the directions. Outstanding effort and work exceeds expectations. All work is shown and calculations are accurate. 30 points
Most of the assignment was completed with attention to the directions but some parts are missing. Good effort and work meets expectations. Most calculations are accurate. 15 points

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