Infectious Disease Project

Instructions for the Infectious Disease Project

  • Infectious Disease Research Project Fact Sheets and Citations pages are due on eCampus by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, October 22, 2021. Points will be deducted for papers that are turned in late, if allowed at all (*see course syllabus concerning late papers/tests). The completed fact sheet and citations pages together are worth 50 pts. total.

1) Students will choose a topic from a list provided by the instructor. (*Sign up for a topic on eCampus in Tools/Discussion Board link)

2) First of all, find out if the microorganism you chose/the microorganism causing the disease you chose is bacterial, viral, or eukaryotic. Print out and/or save to your computer the appropriate fact sheet for the causative agent of your disease (Bacteria, Virus, or Eukaryote – one of them, not all of them!). The Fact Sheets are found on eCampus in Lecture Resources in the Infectious Disease Project folder.

3) Conduct research on your topic. You must utilize at least 5 (five) RELIABLE sources (can be hard copy or e-sources) to help you fill in your fact sheet. Reliable sources written within the last 5 years are preferred. NO WIKIPEDIA or Reference Sources allowed (i.e. no Fact Sheets, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc…)! *See source requirements below…..

*Source requirements for this project include the following:

a) your lecture text (you must use this as one of your sources)

Microbiology With Diseases By Body System 5th Edition, Robert Bauman

b) either: , OR , OR (*use only ONE of these websites as one of your sources – they are especially good for statistics)

c) Three articles from three separate, professional, peer-reviewed journals (such as JAMA, Lancet, etc…)

***You may also use one or two more sources of your choice, if needed, to fill in the “Interesting Facts” section of your Fact Sheet. Just make sure to cite them properly, both parenthetically and fully, in APA format. Other sources you could use for the interesting facts section of your fact sheet could include newspaper articles, journals, books, reviews, magazine articles, and reliable websites. All of your sources should be reliable sources! Ask me, if you are not sure!

4) Use the information that you obtain from your sources to fill in your fact sheet. You must type your research onto the Fact Sheet in your own words (as much as possible) . If you quote word for word, then the information must be put in quotation marks, or it will be graded as plagiarism. All five required sources must be used and cited properly on the Fact Sheet, in parenthetic in-text APA format (following each bit of information), and separately in full APA format on a full Citations page. Make all of your information for the Fact Sheet fit onto one page. Use a 12 pt. or smaller black font in Times New Roman to make everything fit. You do not have to use complete sentences on the Fact Sheet. You do, however, need to cite the sources in parenthetic in-text APA format after each bit of information that you use to fill in spaces on the fact sheet. The parenthetic citation should immediately follow each bit of information used on your fact sheet. How to write parenthetic citations in-text: (Author(s) last name, initials, Year of publication, page number(s))

5) On a separate sheet of paper, type up (12 pt. font, Times New Roman) a full Citations page. All full citations for each of your five (or more) sources must be in proper APA format. All source info must be included in the Full Citation. List your sources in alphabetical order. Make sure your Full APA citations have hanging indentions! (indent the first line of the full citation, with subsequent lines not indented)

*Only 2 pages: the fact sheet and the citations page, will be submitted to eCampus for grading by the due date.

Instructions for the Infectious Disease Project

*Here are some resources to help you out with APA format (both parenthetic and full formats):

-Noodlebib/Noodle Tools on the Brookhaven College Library Website (can find APA citation formatting info. on this site, as well as Databases to find online sources). Go to Brookhaven Website and look up Library site in the Index. Contact a librarian (Dana Corbin) on the site or in person at the library if you need help.

-Purdue OWL –

-APA Style Guide for Online Resources (everything you need to know about formatting electronic resources)

-There are several APA Citations generators online that you can Google as well.

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