Increasingly allows targeting segments of one – developing a personalized offer in a profitable manner.

Online Exam 2

Question 1

Intellectual property is protected by all EXCEPT:

Question options:





Question 2

__ increasingly allows targeting segments of one – developing a personalized offer in a profitable manner.

Question options:





Question 3

The __ environment considers factors such as population demographics, income distribution between different sectors of society, social mobility of people and differing attitudes to work and leisure.

Question options:



political and legal


Question 4

__ coalitions are those set up among firms with complementary business activities.

Question options:




Non- complementary

Question 5

Personality type and personal interests are related to __ segmentation.

Question options:





Question 6

External analysis results in the identification of __ factors that impact the competitive position and profitability of all organizations within an industry.

Question options:


key success



Question 7

Identifying external strategic factors includes all EXCEPT:

Question options:

identifying likely emerging trends.

assessing the probability of trends actually occurring.

attempting to identify the impact of each trend on the corporation being examined.

determining an approach to addressing each of the trends.

Question 8

EBay has created strong barriers to entry for potential competitors through:

Question options:

the large customer base it has created over the past few years.

market liquidity.

strong intellectual property protection.

information and communication technologies (ICT).

Question 9

The __ environment relates to issues on different organizational levels. At country and industry levels, it includes issues such as taxation, monopoly legislation, and environmental laws.

Question options:



political and legal


Question 10

The __ organizes an industry into strategic groups and types, summarizing the industry according to all significant factors.

Question options:

industry matrix

five basic forces

trends analysis

SWOT analysis

Question 11

The attractiveness of market segments can be analyzed through:

Question options:

full market scanning.

multi-segment analysis.

the five forces framework.

industry evaluation.

Question 12

The use of __ contributes to reducing the extent of capital that was traditionally required to enter into an industry. An example is cloud computing.

Question options:

Internet accessibility tools

environmental scanning

customer relationship management (CRM)

information and communication technologies (ICT)

Question 13

An important dimension of the __ environment that impacts the development and use of the Internet is online usage patterns.

Question options:



political and legal


Question 14

The e-business __ provides an overview of the different participants in electronic business.

Question options:

market segmentation matrix

target market matrix

competitive analysis

environmental scanning grid

Question 15

The application of Porter’s model can suggest to the business analyst the likely:

Question options:

profitability of the product.

bargaining power of the firm.

rivalry within the industry.

company positioning.

Question 16

Companies can choose from five main possibilities to target market segments. Which of the following is NOT one of the possibilities?

Question options:

Single-segment concentration

Multi-segment concentration

Selective specialization

Product specialization

Question 17

A(n) __ involves identifying external environmental variables and identifying external strategic factors.

Question options:

strategic analysis

industry review

environmental scan

competitive analysis

Question 18

Age, gender, income, and lifestyle are related to __ segmentation.

Question options:





Question 19

__ can be a valuable option to increase revenues, since it limits customer acquisition costs.

Question options:

Internet advertising

Social media


Joint ventures

Question 20

The bargaining power of __ is high when there is a high degree of market transparency.

Question options:





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