Implement the ER model in MySQL Workbench.

Assignment 1: ER Model for Truelancer

About Truelancer:

Truelancer is an online platform for employers hire professionals to get their work done. Freelancers, a term used for those who provide services, can sell services, and find projects to work on based on their skills & expertise. Clients can buy freelance services and post project to hire freelancers. Projects – a term used for the task posted by Client – can be placed in various categories like IT & Programming, Graphic Design, Content Writing, Data Entry, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and many more. The URL for the website is

Assignment Summary:

You have to create a database in MySQL for Truelancer. A database design project generally starts with requirements – you analyze the requirements to identify the business rules, entities, and relationships to form an ERD and then convert it into a database. In this case, however, we are using snapshots from a functional website ( to understand the entities and business rules so that we can reverse engineer the database design. This document provides snapshots from the website for your reference. However, I recommend that you should go through the truelancer website to understand the Freelancer and Client workflows.

Scope: The scope of this assignment is limited to bids and reviews. Like other bidding systems, a client/employer can post projects on the website and freelancers can bid on the project(s). The client selects one of the bids at his/her discretion for the work to start. Your design should capture the bids received, the selected bid along with the amount and duration of the project. The payment schedule for the selected bid is out of scope for the assignment. Similarly, the sales of non-project related tasks (things that do not go through the bidding process) is out of scope for the assignment. Moreover, we can assume that the employer/client cannot be a freelancer. As for the reviews, we will assume that the client/employer to leave reviews for the selected bidder (freelancer) and the selected bidder (freelancer) can also leave reviews about the client/employer.


· A freelancer/client can sign up via email and create an account.

· A client cannot be a freelancer.

· Client can leave reviews for the approved bidder and the approved bidder can leave reviews for the client. The reviews will only appear on the website after the completion of the project. (Hint: this has no implication on capturing the reviews in the database. The visibility of the review on the website is managed via coding).

· The system should keep track of the approved bids.


Other functionality not mentioned in the assumptions section can be considered out of scope.

Hint: How to get started:

· Finalizing your design on paper before implementing it in MySQL will help you understand the relationships better.

· Go through the snapshots provided to understand how the website works. You might want to go through the freelancer registration process (do not submit) to understand it better.

· Identify the entities that you must have and ones that you might need.

· Capture attributes for each entity and determine the functional dependencies.

· Determine the relationships between entities. Hint: When forming the relationship statement, start the sentence with one/each. For example: one/each department has many employees; one/each employee works for one department.

· Identify cardinalities. You don’t need to worry too much about minimum cardinalities.

· Implement the ER model in MySQL Workbench.

· Create the physical database by using the forward engineering feature in MySQL Workbench.

· Populate at least five records in each table. This is needed for the third assignment.

Naming Convention for tables:

· Use your first name and last initial as a suffix for your table names. For example, I will name the Sales table as Sales_KashifS. Not following the naming convention will result in a 5-point reduction in your grade.

What and how to submit your assignment

You are required to submit the assignment on Canvas. Emailed assignments are not accepted. Please submit a zip file containing:

  1. MySQL file (for the model)
  2. An MS Word document containing the snapshots of the ERD and the physical tables created in MySQL with data

Note that you will need this database for future assignments.

Approximate Work Effort

An estimated work effort for completing the assignment is 8-12 hours. Please do not wait till the last minute to a) install the tools, and b) start the assignment. The TA will not entertain any queries about tool installation after September 8th. Moreover, the TA will not be answering any question about the assignment post September 17th. You’re allowed to discuss any technical issues and/or questions about the assignment on Canvas by posting a discussion. Other discussions outside of Canvas with the class mates regarding the assignment are considered an act of plaigiarism.

Website snapshots:

Process to become a Freelancer/ Client:

  1. Sign up GMAIL or any email address.


a. Navigate to servicessell service and provide the basic information


a. Navigate to servicesBuy services. Search for services you are looking for

b. Click on any service and find details such as Overview, Description, Reviews, Similar services.

Click the seller’s name in the top right to check the seller’s profile

c. Read customer reviews before buying the service

d. Client/Buyer can customize their project by clicking post project.

Note: Don’t click on ‘submit project’ button

e. Freelancer/Seller can find new projects to work on

Navigate to Find jobsRecommended jobs and click View and apply.

Note: Don’t click on ‘Send proposal’ button

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