Identifying Claims Discussion

Choose one of the videos from LECTURE: Course Theme – Borders and summarize its main claim in 350-500 words. Include the following:
Identify the main claim.
Identify the main claim as a claim of policy, fact, or value.
Explain why you believe the claim is one of policy, fact, or value.
You may also comment on whether or not you personally agree with the claim.
For your Response to at least 1 classmate due by Sunday at 11:59 PM:(due sep19)
Address the following topics in your response of at least 250-300 words:
Compose a counterargument to your classmate’s summary.
Provide some reasons for your counterargument.
Phrases to help you
Claims of Policy
We should _.
We ought to _.
We must _.
Let’s _.
The best course is _.
The solution is to _.
The next step should be _.
We should consider _.
Further research should be done to determine _.
Claims of Fact
Research suggests that _.
The data indicate that _.
_______is increasing or decreasing. There is a trend toward _______.
_______causes _______
_______leads to _______.
Claims of Value
_______is terrible/disappointing/underwhelming. _____________is mediocre/average/decent/acceptable. We should celebrate _______.
_______is great, wonderful, fantastic, impressive, makes a substantial contribution to _______.
_______is the best _______.
_______is the worst _______.
_______is better than _______.
_______is worse than _______.
_______is just as good as _______.
_______is just as bad as _______
Phrases that signal that one idea is supposed to lead to another.
Because_____________, _.
Because of this, _.
If_____________, then _.
Since_____________, _.
For this reason,_.
We can conclude_____________.
Therefore, _.
Consequently, _.
As a result, _.
It follows that _.

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