How will you use the Code of Ethics in your everyday nursing profession?

Answer question and then respond to two students and post a picture for each. When responding please use an article to site. Thank you


How will you use the Code of Ethics in your everyday nursing profession?

Response 1 -ebhram

· Nursing profession required nurses to implement and practice the code of ethics at all levels and under all circumstances. Nurses should respect the clients’ dignity and ensure that all nursing services are provided at the best possible quality care. Fulfilling the obligations and bear the responsibilities for all nursing actions and interventions is also importance when it comes to implementing the code of ethics in nursing practice. Nurses should be alerts and must try to provide nursing care while taking into the consideration the ethical principles such as confidentiality, justice, autonomy, veracity, beneficence, and others. Commitment to loyalty and honesty, compassion, kindness, empathy, and other great values that we need as healthcare provides are important in nurse-patient relationship. Appropriate and effective communication with clients and other healthcare professional can help to fulfill the code of ethics in nursing practice.

· Nurses also should try their best to promote the ethical guidelines, professional rules and regulations, and respecting and following them while working with their patients. Building a trusted relationship with patient can help in this regard and nurses must be aware of their clients’ confidentiality, privacy, and dignity and always respecting the clients’ right. Nurse must provide care and nursing services regardless of the race, ethnicity, gender, age, mental or physical status, political condition, socioeconomic status, religion, and culture of the patient or any other factors, and nurses must try their best to eliminate inequality, and injustice when providing care in nursing practice. (Zahedi, et all, 2013).

Response 2-sarah

I would use the Code to guide decision-making and for patient care every day. Compassion is a must for any healthcare profession and especially in nursing while constantly at the bedside and using this a commitment to the patient can be given even if loyalty is also held with the hospital facility or physicians that are giving orders. This compassion and loyalty to each patient are used daily in order to make sure the patient gets the best care possible (Fowler, 2015). Along with that, if there is a situation that I felt would be an injustice to my patients, such as a violation of autonomy, or a practice that I recognize as unsafe or unethical, I would speak up because it’s my duty to be an advocate and to constantly try to improve ethical practices on my unit (Fowler, 2015). This could also look like identifying long-held problems that are unethical in practice and try to collaborate on solutions in order to improve future care (Fowler, 2015). I would also join professional organizations, subscribe to nursing journals, and continue to ask questions and learn about topics I don’t know because it is also my duty to keep learning in order to be compliant with evidence-based practice that will improve patient outcomes (Fowler, 2015). Above all, however, I will strive to be as professional and diligent as possible in order to uphold and be a credit to our profession as a whole (Fowler, 2015). All of these actions will help integrate the provisions of the Code of Ethics into my everyday nursing practice.

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