How might my organization change five years into the future?

Change Plan

Walden University

MGMT 6140

September 20, 2021

How might my organization change five years into the future?

My view is based on behavioral changes that are directed at human efficiency in delivering better customer service while seeking the benefit of all concerned parties. This means removing obstacles that better serve our consumers, which require workers to sacrifice themselves to pay special attention to detail in order to create a brighter future that appeals to everyone concerned.

My organization will operate together as a single entity focused on a shared objective in five years’ time. Our business, our customers, our workers and each other will be looked after. Everyone will have competence built via focused training, particularly in the area of lending processes and procedures, to improve productivity. We live up to our clients’ expectations as specified by our contractual sales agreements and provide promised goods and services worldwide as a company with outstanding business experts. Our sales department is made up of the finest professionals and specialists in the industry, who defends customer and business interests and constantly communicates and maintains our terms and conditions of contract as stipulated (Hersperger, et al. 2018). Our event experts and specialists successfully conduct unforgettable events, and our financial professionals pay receivables within seven days after the conclusion of the event and continue to maintain our image as the best hotel in the world with loyal clients.

Evaluation of the six characteristics of Kotter’s effective vision in relation to

The 6 features of a successful vision of driving change according to Kotter (2012) need that the vision be conceivable, desired, achievable, focused, adaptable and communicative. I can confirm the following in assessing each of these six qualities in developing my overall view;

· Imaginable – My vision is based on the fact that it provides an idea of what the future will look like and has the interest of all stakeholders, firmly anchored in the reality of the products and services my company delivers.

• Desirable – this is a vision that is desirable for all parties who are pleased with our consumers and make them feel fulfilled to satisfy their customers. It will also enhance connections among departments and maintain a trusting and respectful atmosphere.

• Matchable – My vision is practicable, practical and achievable since focused training will be needed to enhance the capacity to achieve what we offer (Rosenbaum, Det al. 2018). The basic rethinking to make the transformation work is forced by this training.

· Focused – My vision of transformation focuses on customer service, which, when we deliver on commitments and expectations, will create happy devoted clients for our company.

· Flexibility – My vision for change includes flexibility since it enables sales efforts to establish what expectations are and to record them. It will also take care of the unexpected circumstances.

· Communicable – In five minutes, my vision for change is easy to express and understand (Bousquet, et al. 2019).

Vision analysis from stakeholder perspectives

Workers – In terms of employees, my vision for transformation would have made them specialists in their areas, a group of professionals that are confident and empowered to provide their clients with fresh information via focused training. They now have a passion and purpose that has a significant effect on our customers to stay true to our brand. Employees now see the company as a safe workplace that offers a trusting and respectful atmosphere for all people.

• Customers – Without our brand, they cannot envision a world from the customer’s viewpoint. They now feel good and know that we fulfill our commitments and are constantly searching for methods to provide outstanding services (Adams, 2017).

You trust our services and our service experts to get value for your money.

• Managers and owners – From the viewpoint of managers and owners, we stay competitive and compete in our business in giving our guests, who always enjoy a pleasant, easygoing, but sophisticated atmosphere by delivering outstanding services from their best resources, staff.


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Hersperger, A. M., Oliveira, E., Pagliarin, S., Palka, G., Verburg, P., Bolliger, J., & Grădinaru, S. (2018). Urban land-use change: The role of strategic spatial planning. Global Environmental Change, 51, 32-42.

Rosenbaum, D., More, E., & Steane, P. (2018). Planned organisational change management: Forward to the past? An exploratory literature review. Journal of Organizational Change Management.

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