How do we justify different salaries for essentially the same work? What do you think?

ORG 535 Interactive Analysis: Employee Development – Pay Equity

Part 1

What do you think about using the simplified salary bands? Do you see advantages compared to the traditional approach? What about cons?

[Response 45-100 words]

How do we justify different salaries for essentially the same work? What do you think?

[Response 45-100 words]


[From Sherry to everyone] Now here is another one – Under the old pay system, an all-male team of sr. specialists were promoted to analysts with new responsibilities. An all-female of sr. specialists were given the old responsibilities that the all-male team had but not at the analyst pay level. What do you all think about this situation? Fair or not? [From Tim to everyone] Oh, let’s not go there. I don’t think this is a male vs. female thing. This seems perfectly fair to me. There must have been tasks the males did that the females were not doing. [From Sherry to Tim] According to the manager, the tasks were exactly the same. In fact, the male team trained the female team using the procedures they developed for the past 5 years. [From Rob to everyone] So, that could explain the difference here. The females were kept at sr. specialist levels because this analyst-level work is now easier than when the males did it 5 years ago. [Sherry to Rob] I’m not sure I believe what I am hearing. So, you’re saying that since the female team just started the analyst work, they should still be kept at sr. specialist level even though the work they are performing is the same as the men in the analyst role. This is exactly the inequity we are trying to correct!

[Sherry to You]

What do you think about this? Do you think this was fair to the female team?

Suppose the previous scenario was determined to be unfair to the female team. What steps could be taken to remedy the situation and prevent employee dissatisfaction from the female employees in the above scenario? [Response45-100 words]

As an HR professional, how would you determine if pay is inequitable? [Response 45-100 words]

If a company uses a simplified pay band approach, what are some alternatives to salary can be used in this company to keep employees satisfied? [Response 45-100 words]

Part 2

APA format

Cite at Least 1 peer-reviewed reference

Consider what you learned in the experience and respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

What are your feelings on a traditional salary structure (many levels) vs. simplified pay bands?


Have your thoughts on salary structure changed after this exercise?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of using salary bands?


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