Great Roman Empire grew to be an unprecedented society that furthered almost every aspect of human achievements. Or did it?


Great Roman Empire grew to be an unprecedented society that furthered almost every aspect of human achievements. Or did it?

For sure, at the time it was the greatest and most advanced military power that has been put together. It became the strongest economical power and, most noticeably, technologically it was by far the most advanced society the world has ever seen. Romans built cities that had almost everything we have today, and accomplished all that with the most ingenious engineering advances that utilized the technologies they developed and resources they had at hand, taking advantage of their enormous wealth and slave power that made everything work. Huge imperium always had a strong hand to rule it, and was based on practical and pragmatic approaches that kept everything working.

When it came to arts, philosophy and architecture, they recognized and fully appreciated the brilliance and values of their Greek cultural predecessors and copied from them these aspects of society without changing or developing them much further. Instead, they adjusted them for the purposes of their lifestyle and needs. The Classical appearance, hence embellished and marked this great empire. However, when it comes to the preservation of of true Classical values in such huge machine-like society, well, you judge for yourselves…


You have already found the meaning of the phrase “PANEM ET CIRCENSES” on the Internet. In a sentence or two explain how this “approach” functioned in Roman Empire. Answer briefly – do you think it was a necessary and smart way to keep control of such a huge empire that did not only have outside enemies, but also more than 50 million people to rule and its citizens to keep satisfied? Explain your answer.

Then answer more thoroughly this question: Do you think that we can still find “panem et circences” ideology used somewhere in the present day world? If not, explain why. If yes, specify where we can see it and explain how it works. Provide solid arguments and examples.

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