For outlines, rough drafts and final papers, the percentages listed

I need PPT at about 10pm for the final draft. Also the speech draft of it. I will need the rough draft of term paper before giving presentation

It is about the term paper, no need that much infor from the final term paper. For the PPT, just put things like graph, table,etc. and follow the description to order the ppt. Then give some explanation of graphh an tables in sppech draft.

Please keep me updated when you have problems. And please, take good care to all the requirement. Thanks

Write an abstract describing your replication and extension study.

An abstract is a summary of your paper. It is NOT a place for extended discussion, motivation, etc. It should mention things like what data you are using and what model you are estimating, you can indicate which study you are replicating, etc.

Write an expanded outline that contains:

  1. the title, written as a one sentence research question,
  2. five sections with section names,
  3. a complete bibliographic citation to the study you propose to replicate,
  4. the regression equation you will replicate, which includes a list of all the variables in the model, and a description of the equation.
  5. a description of the estimation subsample used to estimate the target regression equation,
  6. Describe one or more original ideas for extending the model.
  7. Finally, include any results in tables you may have already produced, even if they are preliminary.

Include both the abstract and the outline in a single document, which should look like a preliminary version of your term paper. In other words, this can be thought of as a rough draft of your rough draft.

Term Paper Grading

For Rough Drafts, I’ll be looking for the things listed in the table below in each section. Of course following the guidelines of the assignment listed above is important; to repeat, all papers must have: 1.) five sections, 2.) about 25 paragraphs or 125 sentences, 3.) tables of Variable Descriptions, Summary Statistics, and Regression Results, 4.) no copied figures, 5.) References (at least seven) in Chicago format, 6.) an equation describing an empirical model, 7.) an abstract that summarizes the paper, and 8.) One or more JEL codes.

Content is most important. Remember this is a class about using observational data to estimate causal effects, so focus on discussing literature that strives to define and estimate causal effects, evaluate how credible the estimates in the study you replicate are as causal effects, and how your extension adds to our understanding, or improves upon the replication.

Grammar is also important. There are formal rules of grammar (Does each paragraph have a topic sentence? Do all sentences develop one controlling idea? Does paper feature appropriate punctuation, syntax, usage? Is the paper free of spelling errors? Are citations used appropriately?) There are also less formal “stylistic” elements of writing: Does paper avoid the passive voice? Overall, is the writing style and voice appropriate? Does it appear the student read contemporary and seminal studies and is it written in the style of the profession?

The best way to learn the style of economic writing is to read economic writing; this suggests you should try to actually read the journal articles you review in your literature review section, not just the abstracts. You can also consult various guides to style and writing. In addition to the McCloskey (1985) article that will be discussed in class, a book-length treatment that is widely used across fields is Strunk (2007) The elements of style.

For outlines, rough drafts and final papers, the percentages listed below each criteria are the approximate weight of each section towards your final grade. The difference between the assignments, essentially, is just the level of completeness—an outline may not feature any results, a draft will have results but the writing will be incomplete, and a final paper will be a complete academic-style term paper.


Description of Criteria for Rough Drafts and Term Papers



Reveal the research question to the reader clearly and at the outset. Motivate interest. Describe what this paper does (i.e. how you answer the research question), the main findings, and how the paper is structured.

Literature Review and Economic Theory


This section should describe the relevant theory that is behind the hypotheses tested in past econometric studies. You may be able to describe the theory so precisely that you include a formal mathematical model in this section, but a clear qualitative description of formal theory would be enough. Discuss at least seven econometric studies, noting which provides the most compelling estimate of the causal effect of interest. Explain why (i.e. discuss ways the state-of-the art study handles a well-defined econometric problem such as Omitted Variable Bias.) The literature review must be integrated and not merely an annotated bibliography.

Data and Methods


Describe the data; even though I am grading it and I know where the data comes from, write it for a more general audience. Describe the estimation subsample, and present the tables of Variable Descriptions and Summary Statistics. Present the equation you will be estimating here.



Present regression results in a table with several models in different columns. Indicate in the text which of the models is your best attempt at replicating the previously published model. Also indicate which is the best attempt to estimate a causal effect (this may be your extension.) Interpret the results for the reader in terms of the sign, magnitude, economic and statistical significance, as well as the implications for the theory discussed in section 2.



Overall, your paper should aim to discuss a specific causal research question that relates to a relevant economics literature. Acknowledge any limitations. Suggest directions for improvement in future research. Discuss policy implications and how your results can be used in a cost-benefit analysis, if applicable.

More infor. Please login to my account and look for it.

Please check the syl_103a_SU20, go to page 3, look through page 5.Make sure if the term paper was following the instruction. Thanks.

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It’s all about HOW you use other studies. Of course it’s OK to cite other studies, it’s actually a requirement. But I worry when I read about “bootstrapping”. We didn’t cover it, you don’t know what it is, and yet it appears in your writing. It is a red flag to say the least. ——- email from professor

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