Explain the endosymbiotic theory

Cell Questions: The Eukaryotic Cell

Name _____________

Total points = 92

Your grade = your score/92 x 100

  1. Describe the arrangement of the phospholipid molecules in the Cell Membrane as explained by the Fluid Mosaic (Singer) model. Use and define the terms hydrophyllic and hydrophobic in your discussion. Also describe the arrangement and explain the function of the protein molecules in the cell membrane. 10 points
  2. What is the function of the Cell Membrane? Define the term selectively permeable and explain its importance to the cell. 4 points
  3. Describe the 9 + 2 structure of cilia and flagella. Describe the 9 + 0 structure of centrioles and basal bodies. 4 points
  4. Describe the parts of the mitochondrion. Discuss the function of the mitochondrion by going over the main points of cellular respiration and the electron transport chain, metabolic processes that happen within it. 10 points
  5. Explain the endosymbiotic theory. Name two organelles that it applies to.

6 points

  1. What is the endoplasmic reticulum? Name the two types of endoplasmic reticulum and give the functions of each. 6 points
  2. Describe the structure of ribosomes. What is the function of ribosomes? 4 points
  3. Describe the structure of the Golgi apparatus. Explain the function of the Golgi apparatus. What are lysosomes? What is their function? 8 points
  4. Review the makeup and operation of the endomembrane system. Identify the organelles that are included in it and trace the flow of materials through it. 10 points
  5. List and describe the parts of the nucleus. What is the function of the nucleus? 10 points
  6. Describe the structure of the chloroplast. Include the membranous structures outside and inside and the liquid interior. What is the function of the chloroplast? 10 points
  7. Compare animal and plant cells. 10 points

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