Explain the effects of removing the wildlife meat trade. Is this is good idea?

Questions for this discussion board come from the Week 4 and Week 5 articles. When answering these questions be sure to cite any source that you use. Also, be sure to check your posts for proper grammar and spelling.

Criteria for the best post:

  1. substantively addresses the questions being asked, i.e. goes beyond a basic answer.
  2. uses the articles and other references to answer the questions.
  3. uses correct spelling and grammar.
  4. provides thought-provoking insight such as attracting more of your peers to address your post.
  5. may posit an opposing view that has substantial merit or may posit why the opposing view does not have substantial merit.

Chapter 6

Nerad, “Where Was My Car Built” (Links to an external site.)

  1. Does is it matter if you car is American-made or if the company is an American one?

Chapter 7

Busch “Tariff Alchemy: Turning Aluminum Tariffs into Gold?” (Links to an external site.)

  1. Busch argues that the EPI gets their conclusions wrong on the recent aluminum tariffs. What tariff argument was used for the aluminum tariffs (1 of the 6 from chapter 7) and why is it being argued that the EPI got it wrong?

Chapter 8

Krugman, “In Praise of Cheap Labor: Bad Jobs at Bad Wages are better than No Jobs at All” (Links to an external site.)

  1. If we view such cheap wages as immoral and it makes us feel uneasy, why then can it still be bad to provide even higher wages to make Americans feel better?

Vidal, “What does more environmental damage: eating meat from the wild or a factory farm? (Links to an external site.)

  1. Explain the effects of removing the wildlife meat trade. Is this is good idea?

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