Explain, in your own words, what it means to be creative and to think creatively.

Write 3 Pages in total for each of the 3 topics.

  1. Creativity and Inspiration

In this Discussion, you will consider what creativity means to you, as well as your sources of inspiration. Reflect on the role that creativity has played in your life—from your personal hobbies and interests, to how you choose to express yourself, to how you relate to others and accomplish tasks. Then, respond to the following:

Explain, in your own words, what it means to be creative and to think creatively.
Explain the role of creativity in your life and what inspires you to be creative.
To support your explanation, identify two or three examples of personal and professional creativity.

  1. Business Skills for Good: Growth Mindset

In this Discussion, you will consider the benefits and challenges of having a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset. Post your response to the following:

Describe at least one example of an area of your life in which you exhibit a growth mindset and at least one example of an area in which you exhibit a fixed mindset.
Identify two benefits of having each type of mindset and two challenges that each presents.
Explain why you believe you have more of a growth or fixed mindset overall and how this could be of benefit to you in your personal and professional life.

  1. Embracing Organizational Change

In this Discussion, you will explore your relationship with change, including how a professional experience with change from your past was handled and how it impacted you. First, think of an experience from your professional career when an organizational change occurred. Consider the impact of that change, not just on yourself, but on others within the organization and on the organization itself. Then post the following:

Describe an example from your professional life in which change occurred at an organization and explain how that process went. Be specific about how the change was implemented, including communication of the change, involvement of stakeholders, etc.
Explain how the handling of that organizational change impacted you, your colleagues, and the organization as a whole. Provide specific examples to support your explanation.

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