Ethics in International Business

Topic of this Week’s discussion is…

· Ethics in International Business

The discussions can include comments on the topics of the week “Ethics in International Business” or reflections on videos that I will post to Canvas. You may also use current news information to connect with the topics of the week. The comments you make should be interesting and informative. Just briefly agreeing or disagreeing without any commentary is insufficient.

You may use information that is relevant to your major. For instance here is a link (Links to an external site.) to recent news on “Recent Legislation Signals a Shift Toward Stricter Supply Chain Ethics Standards”. You may provide your opinion on this or post a comment on someone else’s comment.

Online Discussion Guidelines

Complete as much of the assigned reading as you can before posting your primary responses each week. In general, strive to post as early as possible each week to better support robust online discussions. If you habitually wait until the last minute to engage in discussions, you WILL lose points!

· 2 Post Minimum – A primary post and a thoughtful response to at least one of your peers is required.

· Professionalism -Meaningless agreement is NOT acceptable. Be polite, but do help your peers to see the position from another angle as needed. Ask for clarification when your peers are not clear, and offer additional insights or clarity where you can.

· Quality NOT Quantity – Write concise yet thorough responses in all postings. The discussions can include comments on the topics of the week or reflections on videos that I will post to Canvas. You may also use current news information to connect with the topics of the week. Reference the text or relevant (and reputable) outside articles to better support your position, and cite in APA. A class discussion requires each contributor to build on what has already been saying and add something new to the discussion. Simply repeating earlier comments or agreeing with the professor or another student is not a contribution. You need to add new facts, new issues, or new perspectives to the discussion. To get full credit in the discussions you are expected to post an original comment and also respond to one comment for an approximate total of fewer than 250 words for each post/comment. The comments you make should be interesting and informative. Just briefly agreeing or disagreeing without any commentary is insufficient. Waiting until the last minute to post a comment without engaging in the discussion will result in a lower score.

Peer’s post (just chose one post to reply)

First peer.

This chapter was very interesting to learn and read about because I will definitely need this information in the future once I start working professionally. Not only is it important to learn about when I actually start working professionally, but also right now so that I get a background about what is going on in the world when it comes to ethical policies and human rights.

Ethics are accepted principles of right or wrong that govern the conduct of a person, members of a profession, and actions of an organisation. These play a large role in business ethics because they explain how a company should and should not treat its employees.

The topic of human rights was also covered in this chapter, which is something that is still not respected in many countries around the world today. In the lecture, I learned that women in China who worked in the Nike factories were paid to what is the U.S. equivalent of $0.20 an hour. Not only that, but they also worked with toxic materials 6 days a week. This shows that just because a company is well-known, it does not mean that it is treating its employees the way it should. We should conduct our own research and look into companies ourselves if we want to know what exactly is going on inside them because nowadays media can portray things way differently than they actually are. At the end of the day, I hope that in the future we are able to create a work environment which follows the proper ethics in business. However, in order to achieve that, we must start small and make sure that in our own environment, the moral and ethical values are met.

Second peer.

The issue of business ethics reminds me of the 2008 subprime mortgage crisis (the economic impact still persists), which revealed widespread corruption among large international investment banks and lending institutions. Fraudulently provided unsecured collateral without legal financial support. Some large financial institutions, such as Lehman Brothers Holdings, went bankrupt. Millions of mortgage loan holders have lost their homes. The damage caused by this crisis to the global economy is estimated to exceed 22 trillion U.S. dollars. Business ethics is a kind of applied ethics, which focuses on the real world situation and the environment and environment in which transactions occur-how should we apply values to the way we do business.

I realize that business unethical behavior refers to the business activities of enterprises or operators, in order to achieve the economic value of internal and external interest relationships, thereby violating the ethical standards and ethical norms that they should follow in their business activities. For example, in marketing activities, some companies manufacture and sell counterfeit/counterfeit products without the owner’s permission, and use false advertising or deception to attract consumer groups without the buyer’s knowledge. These behaviors are contrary to business ethics. It hurts not only the purchaser, but also makes the producers of this unethical behavior into a situation of unsustainable development.

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