Discuss Valdez’s painting in terms of his distortion of space using one point linear perspective

Vincent Valdez painting “Kill The Pachuco Bastards” in response to learning about the Zoot Suit Riots of 1943.

Short 500 word paper on Vincent Valdez’s painting and the Zoot Suit Riots


· Word doc or Word doc X. No other forms accepted.

· Use a computer to create your document. Do not use a mobile device.

· I inch borders

· Single spacing, with an extra space between paragraphs.

· 12 point font

· Include your name, assignment name and date, on Page 1 of your paper

· Give your paper a title

· Save your file as Yourfirst and last name Zoot Suit doc or docx

· Proofread please!

· Send your file to me as an attachment through Blackboard message. I will welcome early submissions.


After watching the two videos[footnoteRef:1] provided in last week’s folder relating to the Zoot Suit Riots, and looking at this painting, answer the following questions, not as a list, but in a narrative form. [1: Note to committee – the two videos referred to here are an Interview with Vincent Valdez, the artist who created “Kill the Pachuco Bastard”, and :Zoot Suit Riots: Riots and Causes”, a production of the History Channel]

  1. Before this assignment, had you ever heard about the Zoot Suit Riots before and if so what did you know about them?
  2. Whether you had heard about them before or are just now learning about them, what is your response or reaction about learning about this part of our American history?
  3. When we look at an artwork, we cannot help but look at it through the lens of what is currently taking place in our own lives, individually, as a community, and as a country. When you look at and think about Valdez’s painting, what does it make you think of, as it relates to the world you live in today?
  4. After listening to the interview with Vincent Valdez, what is your take away as to why he felt this was an important event to record visually?
  5. Zoom into the image, and what do you think the significance/ symbolism of each of the three posters on the wall in relationship to the two groups of men fighting? These posters include a poster of Uncle Sam with the words “I want you for the US Army”, a Poster of Emiliano Zapata that has the words “Viva Zapata”, and a poster of a Boxer that says “El Pollo, Main Event”. Discuss each poster individually. When you think of their symbolism, think of their deeper meanings, not just their literal meaning. For example, Emiliano Zapata was one of the leaders of the Mexican Revolution (literally who he was) but what does he symbolize in the context of this painting?
  6. Discuss Valdez’s painting in terms of his distortion of space using one point linear perspective. Be clear in your description and refer directly to details in the painting as evidence. How does this distortion add to the meaning or to what is going on in the painting?

Rubric on next page

Papers must fulfill the required minimum word count.

Holistic Rubric Zoot Suit Riots
Carefully considers and thoughtfully responds to all of the questions in full
Excellent understanding and description of Valdez’s distorted use of perspective.

Writes in a narrative style, with no more than 3 typos, with clear evidence of proofreading

The writing is logical, well organized and well crafted

Follows formatting instructions

Turns in on time to Blackboard message

50 – 45 points
Considers and responds to all questions in full
Understands and is able to describe Valdez’s distorted use of perspective

Written in a narrative style with no more than 4 typos, with evidence of proofreading

Writing is good, as well as logical and well organized.

Follows formatting instructions

submits on time and to Blackboard message

44 – 40 points
Answers most of the questions, but leaves out or misunderstands one or part of one (See comment on posters)
Has some understanding of Valdez’s distorted use of perspective

Writes in a narrative style with no more than 6 typos

Proofread, but needs to proofread another time

Writing is basic, on occasion needs more organization, and takes a second reading to grasp its content

Leaves out 1 of the formatting requirements

Submits to blackboard on time

39 – 35 points
Answers some questions, but leaves out or misunderstands two or the answers to the questions are cursory, does not go into detail or depth
Has little understanding of Valdez’s use of perspective

Written in narrative style but 7 – 8 typos

May have proofread, but needs to do so more thoroughly

Writing in need of improvement, not always clear, jumps from point to point, hard to follow at times

Leaves out two of the formatting requirements

Submits to blackboard on time

34- 30 points
Needs to try harder
Skips over three or more question and/ or and answers seemed rushed
Does not attempt to address Valdez’s use of perspective

And/ or Answers as list

Writing unclear, illogical

Pervasive typos

Misses 3 or more formatting instructions

Either submits to the wrong place (email vs. Blackboard) or submits late.

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