Describe the meaning of: Rules Engine and Smart Peripherals?

(TCO 1) Data compiled from individual patient data fields and formed into information about certain groups of patients is as example of:

Structured data

Unstructured data

Aggregate data

Affinity data

Question 2. Question :

(TCO 2) Which of the following is a gap in a physician office EHR environment where a document imaging system can be of value?

Chart conversion to backfill active patient records

Communicating with the hospital

Overcoming the hybrid record issue

Replace the practice management system

Question 3. Question :

(TCO 3) Which of the following enables point-of-care charting and positive patient identification while maintaining network connectivity:

Desktops at nursing stations

One terminal for every two hospital rooms

Personal digital assistant

Wireless computer on wheels

Question 4. Question :

(TCO 4) The Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act of 2000, also known as the E-SIGN bill, furthered what aspect of the EHR adoption process?

Shelter from Stark Laws

Allowed PHI to be transmitted via electronic means

Helped make electronic signatures legal

Has no effect on the EHR because it only addresses business models not healthcare

Question 5. Question :

(TCO 5) A key strategy to gain user involvement in an EHR is:

Assign as many users as possible to committees

Avoid discussing the EHR with users until close to go-live

Communicate with users frequently to educate and alleviate concerns

Require each user to take a course in the EHR being implemented from the vendor


Question 6. Question :

(TCO 6) What is the primary difference between a closed and an open system?

Closed systems are designed for use in secure environments whereas the open system can operate in any environment.

Closed systems do not interact with the environment while open systems are influenced by the environment.

A closed system is for internal use only while the open system works with the Internet.

A closed system costs money whereas the open system is free.

Question 7. Question :

(TCO 7) EHR steering committees are largely comprised of:


IT staff

Vender staff

Volunteers from various departments

Question 8. Question :

(TCO 1) As discussed in the textbook, describe some of the consumer awareness and perceptions of the EHR?

Question 9. Question :

(TCO 2) Please describe Workflow Technology? What does it mean? What tasks can it perform?

Question 10. Question :

(TCO 3) What is a “Wet” signature, why is it required and what agency requires it?

Instructor Explanation: Chapter 3, p. 55. “Wet” signature relates to electronic signature on prescriptions for controlled substances. The signature must be with a pen on paper. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) requires it for controlled substances.

Question 11. Question :

(TCO 4) Describe the meaning of: Rules Engine and Smart Peripherals?

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