Describe Christy and her actions in terms of the entrepreneurial behaviors concepts that have been presented in this course (e.g. trustee vs. promoter).


The ?Extend Fertility? case is an interesting description of a business that has many issues, both business based and ethically based. This is a real business, with some particular issues. A set of ?guidance notes is included in this document, which highlight some of the key issues surrounding this case.

You need to write an Individual Paper, which analyses the case and makes recommendations about the future strategy of the business. Assume that you are making these recommendations from the time that the case narrative ends. You should focus on the questions highlighted in yellow below.

You should submit:

? A short written Individual Assignment/Analysis of maximum 2 pages of single spaced text.

? This analysis of the case should highlight the key issues that need to be addressed, and make recommendations for the future development of the company.

I do not want you to look at the website, and document what they have done ? I want your opinion about how to develop the business, deal with the difficulties, and identify suitable new markets.

You need to bring a printed copy of your submission to the class on Tuesday 4th October 2016. If you cannot attend this class you need to ensure that you email your submission to me, to arrive before 6.00pm on the submission day.

Guidance Notes

This case is about:

? Recognitions of a market opportunity and exploration of its viability.
? Development of a compelling business plan. Note that existence of a societal ?need? does not mean there is automatically a valid business model to make money meeting this need.
? Creating collaborative and strategic relationships ? use ?stakeholder analysis? to improve the value and chances of success of what is being created.
? Making use of inexpensive forms of marketing research and promotion/ brand building.
? Being aware and thinking through what could go wrong ? i.e. showing awareness of the ?unresolved problems?

There are a number of ?guidance questions below ? you should focus on the areas highlighted in yellow.

  1. DISCUSSION AND REVIEW: WHAT DID YOU THINK OF THE OPPORTUNITY FINDING PROCESS? How did Christy Jones find the opportunity? How much of this could almost anyone have done by listening to their own inner voice, and how much was based on her unique connections and impressive resume? Many opportunities result from the convergence of societal/ demographic trends and the emergence of new technologies or capabilities. What was the ?convergence? here?
  2. How did Christy network to flesh out her business idea into a concept of a specific service and a plan?
  3. Describe Christy and her actions in terms of the entrepreneurial behaviors concepts that have been presented in this course (e.g. trustee vs. promoter).
  4. What is the exact model for making money? What actually is the company, a strong brand that will attract and interface directly with customers (women) and then refer them to fertility clinics for a referral fee, a specialized propriety service (egg freezing and storage) that will attract patient referrals from fertility clinics and other doctors, a licensor of unique technology that others will implement, etc?
  5. ANALYSIS: Who are the potential competitors, and what is her response to these? How does the Company plan to ?co-opt? or work with potential competition from fertility and IVF (in vitro fertilization) clinics and hospital based centers? Note dealing with potential competitors and others whose cooperation is needed to create a more valuable business proposition is a result of what we call ?stakeholder analysis? or making all parties (that can impact an innovation?s success) ?happy?.
  6. Who are the other types of potential competition, both short term and long term? What is her answer to this potential and what does she see as the competitive barriers she has? What is credible or not credible about this approach? If you have time, look up on the internet ViaCell (a supplier of ?cord blood? stem cell retrieval and freezing from the umbilical cord as well as an R&D group looking into the uses of cord blood). What do they do, and do you think they are a good model for Extend Fertility.
  7. List some of the ways they build and uses credibility. Why is building credibility important? What is their clever move with Serono? What benefits does this get her? What benefits does it get Serono? Who other ?stakeholders? or partners does she use to build value into her business, and likelihood of success?
  8. Think about how Christy uses market research. Her decision to start the business as well as her business plan emphasized her market research? What two forms of market research did she employ? What is your critique of these, their strengths and weaknesses? How do you think she did the survey of 300, by phone, email, etc., and what did she ask? How would YOU do a survey like this, methodology, and questions you would ask? What did you think of her market research?
  9. OVERALL PROSPECTS. What do you think the prospects are for this business ? both in the short term and the long term?
  10. CONCERNS: WHAT ARE THE POINTS OF VULNERABILITY FOR THIS BUSINESS AND ITS BUSINESS MODEL? What concerns might you have for either the short term or the long term? Be specific. Remember despite how interesting and noble a venture is, in analyzing it you have to think like a ?hard hearted investor? in order to best understand its vulnerabilities.
  11. WHAT MADE THIS BUSINESS PLAN A ?WINNER? IN THE HARVARD COMPETITION AND SO COMPELLING TO READ? What do you like or not like about the plan, as a tool to get investors interested? Does its business model make sense to you? She talks in the beginning about only needing $500,000 which she will raise from friends (informal investors), but in her plan she talks about raising two or three million dollars? How much do you think she needs and for what? Why?
  13. AFTER DOING THIS, look them up on the internet and see where they are now, what?s the verdict so far? What do you think their current challenges are?
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