Data Analysis

A major reason for the relatively recent expansion of crime mapping in criminological and criminal justice research is: A.The geographical shift in crime B.The number of gang homicides that have occurred in inner cities C.The development of sophisticated computer technology D.The creation of graphic user interface software packages
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Philip Zimbardo’s and Stanley Milgram’s studies represent classical experiments; however, it is highly unlikely that either of these experiments could be conducted today because: A.They rely on archaic methods that are no longer in use. B.They inflicted a tremendous amount of physical pain on the volunteers. C.They violated basic ethical principles that have to be upheld today. D.They break laws that are applicable now but were not in existence when the experiments were conducted.
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Data Analysis
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The protection of research participants includes all of the following regulations except: A.The minimization of personal harm B.The protection of confidentiality C.Full disclosure of the research purposeD.Attention to research protocol
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Federal regulations require that every institution that seeks federal funding for biomedical or behavioral research on human subjects have an _______ that reviews research proposals. A.Institutional Review Board B.Academic Sitting Conference C.Annual Institutional Academic Conference D.Intellectual Strategic Board
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Illuminating the relationship between some category of crime and corresponding characteristics, such as poverty and social disorganization across given locations, is the purpose of: A.Historical events research B.Comparative methods C.Content analysis D.Crime mapping
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Although all experiments should minimize the use of deception, deception is sometimes necessary. When deception is used, a researcher must __. A.have the participants sign a form prior to the experiment B.debrief the participants the participants 2 weeks later to make sure that they are not emotionally traumatized D.provide the results of their study to the participants
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A criminal justice researcher is recruited to examine the sex offender recidivism rates for participants who agree to drug therapy as part of their probation agreements. What should the researcher consider with regard to her contractual obligations to the pharmaceutical company sponsoring the study? A.The confidentiality agreement she will put in place for the participants B.The potential risks to the community of repeated criminal behavior in those offenders receiving a placebo C.Her rights to publicize the study regardless of whether it indicates the drug therapy has a preventative effect D.The pharmaceutical company’s rights to keep the research results confidential on the basis of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Final Privacy Rule
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For informed consent to take place, all of the following must be in place except: A.The subject must be at least 14 years old B.The subject must be competent to consent C.The subject must have consented voluntarily D.The subject must have comprehended what he or she has been told
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Ethical research practice always begins with a commitment to: A.Achieving valid results B.Finding results that support the researcher’s hypothesis C.Generating graphs that present the data clearly D.Writing a research proposal that is politically correct
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Which of the following is not one of the three basic ethical principles for the protection of human subjects as outlined in the Belmont Report? A.Respect for persons B.Beneficence C.Justice D.Philosophical rights
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