Cultural Diversity Among The Employees: What Should HR Manager Know About It?



ABSTRACT: Your critical analysis papers MUST begin with a relatively short “abstract” or “thesis” paragraph that  briefly summarizes your subject, purpose, and particular point of view (i.e. your “argument”) as well as your conclusions or recommendations.


Identify the issue or topic.

Present/restate your subject/purpose.

Preview how you will prove your argument.


Explain the background/history of the issue in question.

Discuss theories, arguments, and positions held/made by others.

ARGUMENT/METHODOLOGY/PROOFS/RESULTS:                                                                  (This should be the bulk of your paper)

Explain your argument/thesis.

May include “sub-arguments.”

Support/Prove/Argue your position with historical, scientific research, logic, etc.


Reflection upon how you have proven your argument.

Why important etc.

May discuss future needs, additional research, or make other final suggestions.

What is the problem or issue to be solved?


State the problem and best course of action (i.e. solution) in the absolute fewest words possible.


Restate the problem and proposals/solutions CLEARLY.  Provide any necessary background information.  Explain/Summarize why your proposed course(s) of action are worthwhile/best, etc.  Explain key terms needed to understand the problem.

BODY (Part One):

What are the causes of the problem?

Why/How did it happen?

For whom is this a problem?

What are the effects of the problem?

Why is it a problem?

The better you, the writer, understands the problem/issue and all its implications, the better solutions you will find.

Properly document/support your arguments/findings, etc.

BODY (Part Two):

Discuss and examine each solution, course of action, etc. Why is it feasible.  Why is this the best course of action.  What are the advantages over other courses of action or solutions.

What resources are available or will be necessary?

Use logic and critical thinking in your discussion.

Apply learned or researched theories and/or principles.

Fully and properly DOCUMENT your work/paper.

Discuss and consider all sides/arguments and look for

repercussions.  What could go wrong; what might not work; what might not be supported?

BODY (Part Three/Conclusion):

Discuss which/why your proposed course of action/solution is the most feasible and why you chose it, developed it, etc.

Make sure your justification of the “value” of the chosen solution is fully supported/rationalized.

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