Cultural and HRM Country Analysis Project Information about Brazil.

The project includes a written report and a presentation. The purpose of this project is to perform a an analysis of a country taking into account both their cultural values as well as their human resource practices/policies. Such an analysis would be similar to part of the analysis you would perform as a manager considering entering a country.

The grade on your written report will be affected by the content as well as by the quality of the writing. Below is a list of the topics that should be addressed in your report.

In addition, review the RubricPreview the document (pdf) before submitting your final project.

Report Content
Analysis of Values and HRM Practices (60 points)

C. Human Resource Management:

Labor laws (actual laws per EIU country commerce report but also the degree of labor freedom per Heritage Foundation and
Unions (participation rate, whether they are powerful, are strikes common)
Participation of women in work force
Cost of labor (compensation — provide minimum wage and wages in different fields in US dollars,)
Quality of writing (10 points)**
Grammar, spelling, and organization

**If the writing makes it so that it is hard to read more than 10 points can be deducted.
Referencing: Insufficient or incorrect referencing will lead to a deduction in the grade. Copying information directly from the websites without paraphrasing is considered plagiarism. You should not be quoting information either you should always paraphrase.

Hofstede Insights: Compare Countries (Links to an external site.)
Kwintessential Guides (Links to an external site.)
Country Rankings: World & Global Economy Rankings on Economic Freedom (Links to an external site.)
Global Human Development Indicators (Links to an external site.)
CIA: The World Factbook (Links to an external site.)
For the HR Information as well as compensation use the EIU country commerce reports:

Go to the library (academics and libraries off of main website) and click on “Research: Start”. Click on A-Z databases and then click on C. Now scroll down and find country commerce. Click on your country. This is an expensive database that we have access to which has outstanding information on countries.


  1. Turn in a professional looking report font 12, 1 inch margins, double spaced with a title page.
  2. Follow the outline above and cover each topic. If you truly cannot find any information make a note that you conducted the research and found nothing. Be aware I may choose to do some research myself and confirm the lack of information.
  3. Have each member review the document for grammar, spelling, and overall quality of writing.
  4. Reference all works in the following way:
    Within the text the parentheses go within the sentence were you are using the reference…right after the appropriate info:
    “Mexico’s per capita GDP is $X,XXX (Gomez, 1999; CIA, 2000).”
    Then in your list of references (at the end of your report), list the works in alphabetical order:
    Book ex: Adler, N., J. 1992. International Dimensions of Organizational Behavior. Belmont: Wadsworth Publishing Company.
    Internet ex: CIA. April 1, 2000. The World Factbook. (Links to an external site.)
    Article ex: Gomez, C. 1999. Article Name. Name of Magazine or Journal. 19: 32-50.
  5. Make sure you include the full URL so I can get to the same info you used.
  6. Use quotes when using a reference word for word.
    Do Not…

I. Use bullet points or list information within your paper (I expect well-written paragraphs).

  1. Copy from your sources.
  2. Quote paragraphs at a time.
  3. Forget to provide references of sources used after each use. If reference is not included within text I will assume you are plagiarizing. The minimum punishment for plagiarism is an F.
  4. Provide only one reference for each page. If you have obtained all the information in a page from one source (this should not happen often) then provide that reference at least once in each paragraph making it clear that the information in that paragraph comes from that one source.
  5. Trust only one internet source…confirm your numbers and info with different sources.
  6. Wait until the last two weeks…historically teams who wait until then have regretted it …
    NOTE: I recorded a quick review of the project and how to get the country commerce reports from the library. Here is the recording (Links to an external site.)

I also mentioned Freedom House as a good website for info on unions and women in the workforce. Here is that link (Links to an external site.)

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