Critical Claim

Critical Claim paper
A single violent event in our lives can affect the rest of life. One can either become evil or a spiritual person depending upon the type and intensity of the event that happened to them. The story of the movie Joker (2019), is based on the same plot. Joker is a psychological and thriller film based on the life of a comedian who failed to make his audience laugh. He descends into insanity and gets inspired by violent activities against the wealthy people of Gotham. Just because he was unable to make his audience laugh, he turns into a violent person. The movie Joker assumes that Breaking social norms can cause isolation and the outbreak of the evil desire inside a person.

Many aspects of the subway scene in the movie “Joker” reflects the life of people around us. Joker, a person who was suffering from a mental illness but unable to explain it to the people around him make him outrageous and evil. The Joker works on the streets, spinning signs, and at the children’s hospitals, which shows that he was trying to make a living honestly. The problem he encountered was that he used to laugh at times, which were inappropriate. Due to the condition, he could be beaten or sometimes face a budget cut for which he could not afford his medication. From the events, it can be observed that Joker was feeling miserable, helpless because he was unable to control himself from laughing since the condition was not in his control.

The text can be seen by the use of costumes. The costume that the Joker wears hand-off various implications. The purple suit worn by The Joker assists with demonstrating that something isn’t directly with him. His oily green hair, alongside the purple suit, are not ordinarily parts of the regular closet. The cosmetics of The Joker and the post-blast Harvey Dent pass on their primary character attributes. The white on the substance of The Joker would typically pass on a feeling of virtue, yet his bruised eyes and red grin instead feature his dull and turned character. His lasting smile underscores his cruel cleverness while his scars are reminders of the grieved past that structure his character.

The text can also be seen by the use of lighting. Theghting in the film, while usually dull, is vast in the statement of the subjects. One specific scene, a cross-examination of The Joker by Commissioner Gordon, starts in stay with the main light originating from a little work area light. As the camera faces The Joker, his body is covered up in the shadows, leaving just his roughly painted face uncovered. This lighting passes on the threat of hiding in the shadows, which The Joker represents. Batman enters the scene, and the cross-examination room is at the same time washed in a brilliant, white light, connoting the ‘great’ that Batman represents.

Watching the movie, it is observable that his uncontrolled behavior attracts the attention of the people in the corner of the train who were teasing a young girl. They thought that he is making fun of them because the girl refused to accept the offer of sharing food items with one of the well-dressed guys on the train, who seems to be from a rich family background. For a normal human being, especially a man, it is insulting if a girl refuses any offer in front of other people or the friends of the guy. Having a clown laughing at the same moment adds more to the embarrassment. The laughter attracts the men, and due to the embarrassment, they humiliate the clown even though he tried to explain to them his condition. The way he was laughing was not normal; a normal person can not laugh like that; it was undeniable that something was wrong with him. He was choking due to laughter, but they didn’t pay attention; instead, they humiliated him. The people in the corner had no idea about his condition, which caused them to act the way they did.

The scene that happened in the subway raises many questions. People in the city of Gotham, depict our society, where people are not aware of many mental disorders. If the episode of disorder occurs in a public setting, the person who is suffering already gets abused or face violence. It is very certain when an episode of disorder occurs. It is not in the control of the person; however, instead of understanding them, people often start hitting them or torturing them instead of helping them out.

Another crucial critical reflection in this movie appears to be dark, uncaring where the hero of the movie is unable to find a hint of comfort or relief. The Joker here is all alone in his fight against mental illness; he was upset because he lost his job, particularly for bringing a gun to a children’s hospital, which he was given by his friend to his protection against the increasing criminal activities happening in the city. Losing his job makes him extremely upset. No one understands him even the girl on the train does not bother to look at him; instead, she ran away, saving her life from those three rich guys on the train. Everybody cared about their own lives leaving the Joker to stand for himself.

In the later scene, we can see that the three guys approach him while singing “Send in the Clowns” and were hitting him hard when he tried to leave and grabbed his bag. In the self-defense, he took out the gun he had for safety, and open fire on two of them. After shooting them, he realized what he has done, but it was too late to control his anger and outrage. He was being poorly hit, was bathed in his blood dripping from his mouth. At the same moment, he decided to kill the third one to vanish all the evidence against him. After chasing him for a while, he killed the third guy also. It is the evil conducted by the Joker, which shouldn’t take place at the first moment. It reflects how human beings, when stressed and are aggressive, take decisions that we regret a lot later in our lives. This one bad incident involving the murder of the three young guys encouraged the Joker to kill more people. This scene has gained a lot of empathy for the fans of the movie. However, an evil act is always evil, even if a person is going through the worst events of life. But, the Joker knows that people will never understand his condition, and they can humiliate him; however they want; therefore, he uses the gun as self-defense.

To Conclude, the subway train scene of the movie reflects that the behavior of both; Joker and the guys were not appropriate. We don’t know what others have been through. Hitting and humiliating others is bad conduct of behavior, but killing them in anger is a crime. Instead of being responsible for the murder of these three people, Joker killed another man in a live show later on in the movie, and people rescued him after the police caught him. Therefore, such violence should not be promoted even in the movies. That conveys the young generation a message that we should act violently in our dark phase of life. So, we can kill people just because we are angry, have a disorder, and the world is not fair with us because that is what the Joker did.

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