Created a spreadsheet to store data. Membership costs are based on membership type.

Project Description:
You are a sales representative at the local fitness center, Health & Fitness Gym. Your manager expects each representative to track weekly new membership data, so you created a spreadsheet to store data. Membership costs are based on membership type. Clients can rent a locker for an additional annual fee. You are required to collect a down payment based on membership type, determine the balance, and then calculate the monthly payment based on a standard interest rate. In addition, you calculate general statistics to summarize for your manager. Spot-check results to make sure you created formulas and functions correctly.

Steps to Perform:
Step Instructions Points Possible
1 Open the downloaded file exploring_e02_grader_a1.xlsx. 0
2 Insert a vertical lookup function in cell C5 to display the basic annual membership cost for the first client. 10
3 Insert a function in cell B2 to display the current date. 5
4 Use an IF function in cell E5 to calculate the annual total amount, which is the sum of the basic cost and locker fees for those who rent a locker. For people who do not rent a locker, the annual cost is only the cost shown in column C. The Locker column displays Yes for clients who rent a locker and No for those who don’t. 10
5 In cell G5, enter a formula to calculate the total amount due for the first client based on the annual total and the number of years in the contract. Copy the three formulas in columns C, G, and E down their respective columns. 5
6 Insert a vertical lookup function in cell H5 to display the amount of down payment for the first client based on the membership type. 10
7 Insert a formula in cell I5 to calculate the balance due on the membership. Copy the formulas in columns H and I for the rest of the clients. 5
8 Insert the PMT function in cell J5 to calculate the first client’s monthly payment, using appropriate relative and absolute cell references. Copy the formula down the column. 15
9 Calculate totals for Annual Total, Total Due, Down Payment, Balance, and Monthly Payment on row 14. 10
10 Insert the appropriate functions in the Summary Statistics section of the worksheet: cells H18:H22. Format the payments with Accounting number format. 10
11 Format the other column headings on rows 4 and 17 to match the fill color in the range E17:H17. Wrap text for the column headings. 10
12 Set 0.3” left and right margins and ensure that the page prints on only one page. 5
13 Insert a footer with your name on the left side, the date code in the center, and the file name on the right side. 5
14 Save and close the workbook. Submit the file as directed. 0
Total Points 100
Created On: 01/22/2020 1 EX16_XL_CH02_GRADER_CAP_AS – Gym Management 1.10

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