Consumerism is the theory that the more the citizens spend on a daily basis, the healthier the economy becomes, Discussion 1 Response 1 M.N. help

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Respond, add, disagree, agree to this post in 50 words or more and use examples from the pdf attached. Cite within your answer like so: (Mosser, 2013, ch 1.6, para 11).Consumerism is the theory that the more the citizens spend on a daily basis, the healthier the economy becomes. Think of all the times throughout a normal day you go out and buy something. Whether it is a product or just some groceries, or if you do this either out of want or need. The point is every dollar spent on these items helps to fuel an economy that is based on consumerism.Planned obsolescence is when a product is created either incomplete or with the intention of an additional product to be released later with the bugs corrected. With this idea, some companies will take advantage of the American peoples want to keep up with current standards and buy the newest items. They take advantage by releasing these products that are incomplete and then come out with better, shinier versions knowing that the people will buy it. Cell phones are a big example of this, specifically the most recent introduction of the Samsung Galaxy Active series. These phones have become widely popular due to their water proof abilities and their more durable frame. While these shouldn’t be negatives the fact of the matter is that they have these products but they continue to add to it every time a new edition is released whether it be a stronger screen or more depth for the water proof ability.I personally believe that consumerism is a necessary part of a capitalist economy. The money spent by your citizens helps you to maintain your economic stability so personally consumerism is a perfectly understandable economic device that helps to fuel our everyday lives.Consumerism can be explained simply through the utilitarian principle that “ne should choose to do that which produces a better outcome for the largest number of people.” (Mosser 2013, Ch. 1-6 Para 8) Planned obsolescence however is an entirely different aspect, when looking at it from a deontology perspective they would bring it to a universal rule test. This would call into question if “it would be morally acceptable for everyone, in similar circumstances to act in this way?” (Mosser 2013, Ch. 9-5 Para 8) Basically asking how would you like it if someone treated you this way, which as far as planning a product to die earlier for financial gain, is not a very paragon thing to do.References:Mosser 2013, Ethics and Social Responsibility 2nd Edition (Electronic Edition) Found at

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