Compare and contrast the Romanesque and Gothic building techniques.

Compare and contrast the Romanesque and Gothic building techniques.

The Romanesque architecture is noted to be having large internal spaces, thick walls, rounded acres on the doors and the windows, and also barrel vaults. On the other hand, Gothic architecture is note dot be having vertical lines, highness, and flying buttress features which makes the difference (Bednorz, 2015). Another difference is that the Romanesque structures were noted to coming with very heavy frames while for the case of the Gothic structures are noted to be having slender skeleton structures. Also, in the Gothic structure were note dot be very tall and that they pointed towards the sky and also had a high percentage of light penetration due to large window frame’s while the Romanesque building is noted to having of blunt towers and also less light in the building due to the kind of window frames which were being used (Curl, 2012).

Describe the Romanesque style of architecture, including artistic decorations within. What specifically reminds you of Ancient Rome? How did these cathedrals encourage pilgrimage?

The Romanesque style of architecture decorations involved the round-headed arches, barrels, large internal spaces, thinks walls and the color used was from the stones having grey, red, sandstone, yellow, and many more colors. The most reminding thing about Ancient Rome is the Colosseum monument which is a very worldwide largest amphitheater made during the Roman Empire period. The cathedrals encourage pilgrimage because they turn into being tourist attraction sites where they turned the various tourist sites into the visitors and the visitor themselves into pilgrims (Bednorz, 2015).

Compare that with the Gothic style: how are the two styles visually different? What specific building techniques were used in Gothic architecture, and how did they affect the overall look of cathedrals?

The styles of architecture between the Gothic and the Romanesque is that for the Gothic the architecture is noted to be large in terms of height and spearheaded and also had the use of the small-sized windows which was not the case for the Romanesque which was noted to be blurred like and had large windows use (Fernie, 2018). The specific building techniques which were used in Gothic architecture were noted to be the height which was noted to be very tall for all buildings and those new building techniques were used which enabled in construction of taller walls and loftier towers which were on a spread well weight base. They affected the overall looks of the cathedral in that they gave it a symbol of construction and some uniqueness during those days which is being applied even today across the globe (Bork & Schurr, 2018).


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