Changing a Food-related Behavior 2

To start, choose a specific eating behavior you would like to change for yourself.

Due: Wednesday, Feb 12th…. Use Single-spaced,12-point font in the style Arial Narrow

Force field analysis is a valuable tool for individual or group change-management. the Force field analysis model evaluates the net impact of all forces that influence change. The forces can be divided into forces the drive or propel change, and those that restrain or impede change. Lewin suggested that change would be easier and longer lasting if the forces against change were reduced, rather than the forces for change being increased.

Please answer each question below using complete sentences and paragraphs.You only may use a list or bullets for question #3.

  1. Identify and understand a specific eating behavior that you would like to change. This issue must be something that is generally within your control and that you are motivated to improve, prevent, or change.
  2. Describe the specific desired goal that you could reach within 3-9 months. What change you would like to see?
  3. List and describe specific forces.

Identify and list driving forces acting to support the change. It is important to list all forces regardless of their seemingly small influence. Driving forces are forces acting to move the current state towards the goal that you would like to reach.
Identify and list restraining forces acting to hinder the change. Be specific and detailed. Remember restraining forces are forces holding the current state back or away from the goal.
For each force listed above, designate the level of influence using a numerical scale e.g.
1=extremely weak and 10=extremely strong.
4.What actions can you take that might reduce or decrease the restraining forces or forces against change?

5.What actions can you take that might increase the driving forces or forces toward change?

6.Based on your work so far, summarize that strategies you might take that would get you to your goal. Discuss the feasibility of specific action strategies in #4 and #5 to eliminate the restraining forces and to capitalize on the driving forces.

  1. Evaluate what you have so far and discuss whether change is viable (are you ready for the change or is it something that you can do right now?). What needs to shift for you to make this change?

8.Discuss the strength and weakness of applying this Force Field Analysis theory to changing your eating behavior.

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