Central tendancy

Initial Discussion. Respond to each of the following 11 questions:

Read and understand the selected learning objectives in the Lind et al. (2021) textbook.

Chapter 3: LO3-1 Relative Positions of the Mean, and Median; Relative Positions of the Mean, and Median; LO3-4 Dispersion; LO3-5 The Empirical Rule.

Chapter 4: LO4-3 Measures of Position, LO4-4 Box Plots

Chapter 3

Basic measures of central tendency are the Mean, median, and mode.

3A. Share examples of business scenarios in which using each of the three would be the best way to answer a business question or solve a business problem.

What characteristics of a situation, problem, or question make it best answered by calculating the following. Consider when the data is symmetrical, is significantly skewed, is qualitative.

3B1. The mean

3B2. The median

3B3. The mode

3C. Explain why dispersion is a necessary measure with central tendency in statistics.

3D. A sample of pizza delivery times is a symmetrical, bell-shaped distribution. The sample mean is 18.1 minutes; the standard deviation is 1.9 minutes. Using the Empirical Rule, about 95% of the pizza delivery times are between what two amounts?

Chapter 4

4A. Define a Median in everyday language.

Joey’s Pizza offers free delivery within 15 miles during COVID-19. The owner wants some information on the time it takes for delivery. Refer to the box plot below based on delivery sample times.

4B1. How many minutes does a typical delivery take?

4B2. Between what range of minutes will one-half of the deliveries take?

4B3. Between what range of minutes will all the deliveries take?

4B4. What is the interquartile range value?

Box Plot with the following values. Minimum is 14 minutes, Quartile 1 is 17 minutes, Median is 18 minutes, Quartile 3 is 19 minutes, and Maximum is 23 minutes.

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