Business Research Methodology and Data Collection: Assessment – Hypotheses testing (Individual Written Report)

Task description

Uber, a ridesharing service company has recently entered the Nepalese market, and its service has been received by some people. Like any product or service, customers’ adoption and usage are essential for the survival of the firm. Thus, like any other services, there might many factors that have influenced riders to adopt and use Uber services. However, from the existing literature, empirical studies on factors determining ridesharing service adoption is scarce, especially in emerging economies. Thus, a study is being conducted to address this gap in the literature. The social exchange theory forms the basis of the study. The researcher designed the research model shown in figure 1 and developed hypotheses H1-H5(see below the research model). Based on the research model shown in figure 1, data was collected from some Uber riders in Nepal. The data is available in Exo (see Week 12 folder).

Figure1: Research Model

Consumer need for prestige


Riders continuous use

Customer return on Intentions investment


Search benefit


H1: Consumer need for prestige has a positive effect on riders’ continuous usage intentions

H2: Trust has a positive effect on riders’ continuous usage intentions

H3: Customer return investment has a positive effect on riders’ continuous usage intentions

H4: Convenience has a positive effect on riders’ continuous usage intentions

H5: Search benefit has a positive effect on riders’ continuous usage intentions


Clean the data- outliers and missing values

Analyse the demographic characteristics of the respondents. Create relevant chats to present your findings.

Normality and distribution of data – perform a descriptive analysis (mean andHy SD of the items) and test normality (skewness and kurtosis for all items)

Preliminary analysis- test the following:
Reliability (Cronbach alpha and CR)
convergent validity (factor loading and AVE).
discriminant validity (using correlation and square root of the AVEs)

Hypotheses testing: run a multiple regression to test the hypotheses (H1-H5).

Interpretation of findings: interpret the results from each of the analyses you have performed (steps 2 to 5)

Important Notes:

You must create relevant tables for each of the analysis (steps 2 to 4) you have done to present your findings. Place the table within the body of the test. Number the tables and refer to the relevant table to support your arguments.

Cite at least one source to support your arguments. For example, if you concluded that the acceptable threshold for Cronbach’s alpha is 0.7, cite a source to support this argument. You can find relevant sources from survey papers in marketing, management, leadership and business research.

Download a relevant journal article in marketing, management, leadership and business research that has used the survey research design and follow the style of reporting. If you go to the methodology section of the articles, you would find how to report the findings.

Attach all the SPSS outputs as appendices. Remember to number all of them.


Use the five-point scale to answer the questions below: 1= strongly disagree, 2 =Disagree, 3=

Neutral 4= Agree and 5=strongly agree
Consumer need for prestige 12345
CNFP Using Uber taxi enhances my self-confidence
CNFP Using Uber taxi makes me a worthy person
CNFP Using Uber services makes my friends value me
CNFP Using Uber taxi is prestigious
TS1 I trust that Uber services is safer
TS2 I trust that Uber services is robbery-free
TS3 I trust that Uber services drivers are careful when driving
TS4 I trust that Uber mobile application is safe to use
TS5 I trust that Uber taxi drivers will not run away with my belongings
Social connection
Using Uber services helps me get closer to important people
Using Uber services connects socially me to people
Using Uber services helps me develop relationships with others
I feel loved when use Uber services
Customer services
CS1 I am greeted and welcomed by an Uber driver anytime I pick Uber services
CS2 The Uber driver assist me when boarding the car
CS3 Uber offers friendly service
CS4 Overall , I will like customer service offered by Uber
Customer return on investment
CRI1 Uber service is cheaper
CRI 2 Uber service has a good economic value
CRI 3 Uber service gives me value for money
CRI 4 Using Uber makes me feel relaxed
CN1 I can get an Uber driver anytime I wanted
CN2 Uber service is always accessible
CN3 Payment methods for Uber service are flexible
CN4 I am able to complete my journey without difficulty
Search benefit
SB1 It is easy to search for an Uber driver on the mobile application
SB2 Uber drivers are easily available
SB3 Uber services are normally closer to me
SB4 It is easy to reach an Uber driver
Riders continuous use Intentions
RP 1 I will continue to use Uber service.
RP 2 I encourage others to use Uber service

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