Business Consulting Project Solution

In this assignment, with your team, you will choose a small or mid-sized business in Southern California (No Walmart, Target, or similar big businesses) and will conduct an extensive analysis based on the template provided below, using the knowledge you have earned in this course and your previous courses. The final deliverable includes both the analysis and strategic business recommendations developed and offered by your team to improve the business performance.

Read the rubric
Business Consulting Project Rubric

Table 1. Business Consulting Project Grade Breakdown

Grade Components


Content (use of relevant knowledge, reasonable justification, use of sources, citing the sources)


Format (proof-read, citing based on professor’s instructional video (end of this doc.)


Equal division of work among members (including completion of Table 2)




Do not delete the template questions (in bold) from your final deliverable. The professor needs the questions for grading your work.
Feel free to delete the instructions (in italics font) that follow each question.
At least 4-5 reliable sources (websites, articles, books, etc.) have been used to conduct this analysis
All the sources have been cited both within the text of the deliverable and at the end of the document in a Reference List
The within-text citations and the Reference List at the end of the document are edited based on the professor’s instructional video
The information used from any sources is paraphrased (rephrased/summarized) before being used in this document.
Direct (exact) quotes are used only once or twice and in quotation marks.
We are aware that our submission will go through a “plagiarism check” and we are aware of the course policies about plagiarism as noted on the course syllabus.

Some information from group:

Small business choose: BoxLunch

Address: 18305 E San Jose Ave, city of industry, CA 91748

Why: We are not Familiar with anyone at BoxLunch. And it is a smally company in Southern California. We have been there several times. This novel retail industry is full of challenges, always receiving the freshest retail consultation, fashion trends and it focuses heavily on pop culture references as well.


  1. Business Background Information

Q1.1. What is the business name?

Q1.2. What is the business website address? Copy and paste below.

Q1.3. What is the business social media (Instagram, Yelp, etc.) handle (if any)?

Q1.4. What is the business address?

Q1.5. Who is (are) the business founder(s)/managers (names, tenure in the business, etc.)?

Q1.6. Any other information about the business (when it was founded, if there has been any change of ownership, etc.)

Q1.7. How do you (any team members) know this business?

If you use any information from the business website, etc., paraphrase it in your own words.
Which team member(s) responded to this question? First and last name here.

  1. Business-Level Strategy

Q4.1. What are the market segments that this business serves?

Be as specific as possible.
Refer to Ch. 5: Business-Level Strategies: “Who are our Customers?”
Q4.2. What customer needs and desires does the company satisfy with what products/services?

Be specific both about the customers’ needs/desires and products and services that tend to meet the needs.
Q4.3. To develop your answer for Q4.4. about the “Business-Level Strategy”, fill out Table 3 with relevant information from the company’s website, social media, Yelp reviews, etc.

See an example in Table 3. When completing Table 3, please delete the example below.

Table 3. Breakdown of Business-Level Strategies

Your Target Business

[Competitor’s Name 1]

[Competitor’s Name 2]

Target market(s): Name the market segments and through comparison, determine whether each of these businesses is serving “broad” or “focus” markets?

StrongMe (private gym for women):

Women in 40s and 50 with high income.

Orange Theory:

Individuals in their 30s and 40s with mid-high income.

LA Fitness:

Individuals in 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s with low to mid-level income.


Provide the price points/ranges of these businesses to determine whether your business is following a low-cost or premium/differentiator pricing?

Membership fee ($90 initiation fee):

starts from $270/month for 3 semi-private training sessions and unlimited group classes
Membership fee (no initiation fee):

$59/month for 4 class;
$99/month for 8 classes
$159/month for unlimited classes
Membership fee ($99 initiation fee and a $39 annual fee):

$29.99/month for access to multiple clubs in a single state.
$26.99/month: access to a single club
Range of products/services:

Compare these businesses in terms of the variety of products/services they offer to conclude whether your business emphasizes basic standardized or customized differentiated offerings?

Small group classes (Yoga, Zumba, Tabata, Pilates, etc.);
Semi-private strength training (up to 7 clients per trainer for 30-minute sessions)
Heart-rate based interval training
Group classes of 1 hour (rowing, Cardio, strength training
Group fitness classes (Cycling, yoga, Zumba, hip hop, Pilates, etc.)
Individual training
Products/service features (simplicity, convenience, accessibility, fun and image, environmental friendliness, design, quality, after-sales services, etc.)

Use at least two product features to compare and contrast your business with its competitors.

Women feel more comfortable working out only with other women
Friendly environment
Limited equipment
No pool
Only one location
Opens only certain days and hours Mon-Sat.
Training intensity based on each client’s heart rate
Group classes (max. 30 clients per trainer)
Nation-wide studio access (1200 studios)
Student discounts
Community vibe
Mid-range equipment
Opens Mon-Fri. (5AM-9 PM); Sat & Sun (6:00 AM-12:00 PM)
Diversity of equipment
Many group classes on different days and time
Convenience (600+ clubs across the U.S & Canada)
Open 7 days a week (6 AM-11:00 PM)
Personal training (costs more)
Easy to add family members for a discount
Q4.4. Based on the information that you have gathered in Table 3, what is the business’s “Business-Level Strategy”? Mark one from below.

a. Broad Low Cost

b. Focus Low Cost

c. Broad Differentiation

d. Focus Differentiation *** (for StrongMe Gym)

e. Blue Ocean

f. Stuck-in-the-Middle (when the business does not follow any of these strategies clearly and is confused)

Q4.5. In one paragraph (4-5 sentences), use the information that you have provided in Table 3 to justify your answer about what “business-level strategy” the business you are examining is pursuing?

Table 3 should help you make a compelling case both about your business Approach to the Market (broad vs. narrow or niche) and Strategic Emphasis (low-cost vs. differentiation).
Refer to Ch. 5: Business-Level Strategies: “Business-Level Strategy Choices”.
List of References [Insert the list of references below]

Watch this video to prepare your reference list. List the references alphabetically (last name of authors)

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