Briefly describe the latework policy.

Q 1 : Briefly describe the latework policy.

Q2:True or False: Journals are graded on both completeness and quality (such as correct grammar and spelling, organization, etc).

Q3:All final essays should be submitted to the corresponding ____.

Q4: Where can a student locate required reading materials since we do not use a textbook?


True or False: If Mrs. P. doesn’t tell us we have a reading or assignment due in class, we are not expected to do it for homework.

Q6: What is “common knowledge” as it pertains to plagiarism? (I am not looking for a definition of the term common knowledge; this is a term specific to the discussion of plagiarism and citations.) Define what this means AND offer one example.

Q7:List and explain three types of plagiarism; this information should come from the tutorial you were asked to view prior to this quiz.


True or False: It is not plagiarism to use an essay composed for another class as some changes are made to it.

Q9: For the final essay, use the following quotation and source information. Source: Diamond, Jared. Guns, Germs, and Steel: The Fate of Human Societies. New York and London: W.W. Norton & Co., 1999. Print. 159 Original: “The ways in which domesticated animals have diverged from their wild ancestors include the following. Many species changed in size: cows, pigs, and sheep became smaller under domestication, while guinea pigs became larger.”

Are the following two passages examples of acceptable paraphrases? Please explain why or why not for each one. Neither paraphrase includes citations, so we already know that is an error. Beyond that, is the wording acceptable and why or why not?

Paraphrase #1: Domesticated animals diverged from their wild ancestors in numerous ways. Animals such as cows became smaller, while animals such as guinea pigs became larger.

Paraphrase #2: A careful examination of the ways in which domesticated animals have diverged from their wild ancestors shows that cows, pigs, and sheep became smaller under domestication, while guinea pigs became larger.:

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