Boundaries with professional relationship.

In my opinion equating status with authority does not cause confusion instead they from boundaries with professional relationship. They are used to show respect just like nurses with doctors’ type of relationship. Authority includes the relative discretion, authority, political control, intellectual capability and respect provided to qualified nurses in the health care system as they deliver their distinct services well. One of the nurse’s position by definition is of leadership. Nurses are expected to direct staff, supervise treatment teams and be responsible for the quality of patient care. With or without a Management Title, these roles are expected. As nurses, we are always looking for direction and support regardless of the environment of work. Some of us are going to spend a whole career leading within the ranks, while others are going to move into a managerial role. A nurse manager is a task-oriented position that is ideally suited to someone who is well-organized, whose day is better managed by a fixed schedule, who manages well and who follows through to ensure the duties are carried out. Leaders are less hands- more dedicated to developing long- strategies for a care staff and health center. They work on setting goals, shaping nursing staff, and personifying the mission of the company. They play a large role in the overall satisfaction of patients, nurses, and the organization’s reputation within the community.

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Moses Desiderio

RE: Discussion Prompt 1


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Does equating status with authority cause confusion? Why or why not?

I do not believe that a Nurse leader is the only individual serving in a nurse management role. But I do believe that there can be confusion between the two. Nurses that are not managers can also be nurse leaders. When it comes to a nurse manager their role is to ensure that the everything on the unit is running smoothly and everyone is following the proper protocols. Nurse managers are their source for information, advice and guidance, but they also want and deserve encouragement, clear expectations and directions, and some teaching and coaching (Nurse Manager vs Nurse Leader 2020). On the other hand, a nurse leader focuses more on setting the standard on how things should be done. They serve as prime example to their peers. According to Nurse Manager vs. Nurse Leader: what’s the difference?

Both staff and management look to them for their knowledge, experience and vision. Their role is an expansive one that touches the entire organization.

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Discussion 2

Question on this discussion: As a professional nurse, what are some ways in which you are able to reach out to members of the community who do not have access to healthcare reform?

Hannie Garcia

RE: Discussion Prompt 2

As a professional nurse there are a variety of ways to reach out to members of the community. Most notably are organizations such as the Red Cross, food drives, blood banks, and so on. I personally would like to participate in a local organization known as the Miami Volunteers in Medicine (MVM). This organization goes out into the community and provides free medical services to those that cannot access medical healthcare without assistance (Miami Volunteers in Medicine, 2019). I know, it was discussed earlier as to identify at what point we are using resources that are free to others and end up costing taxpayers. That concept can create a political debate, for which all I can say is that when patients receive preventative care the total burden to tax payers decreases, and in addition patient teaching can only add to this benefit. The MVM has existed for several years and functions by having doctors, nurses, and aides, go out into the community and perform “street medicine.” This term has been used since the 1990’s, and typically describes a collaboration between health care providers to serve those that are homeless and in need. To participate in this organization as a licensed provider, one must provide: current license, must be able to shadow a provider, and agree to a commitment of 4 hours per month for a minimum of six months (Miami Volunteers in Medicine, 2019). This will be one of my goals for 2019.

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Ingrid Samson

RE: Discussion Prompt 2


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As a professional nurse, some ways we can reach out to members of the community who do not have access to healthcare reform is through volunteering. It begins with lending out a helping hand, providing your expertise to help out others who are less fortunate. There are many organizations online and locally that nurses and other health care workers can seek out to volunteer their expertise. One organization I came across is Volunteers in Medicine America. This organization seeks out retired and practicing healthcare workers and professionals that has a well-established national network of free health care clinics to care for the uninsured and medically underserved.

Discussion: Boundaries with professional relationship.

Giving back to the community by providing our services is one the first steps we can take. Volunteering our time to help others is a rewarding and remarkable experience. It would be nice to be able to volunteer more frequently but with time constraints and other commitments makes it challenging. Volunteering is something that I plan to pursue when time and schedule permits and to remind myself of my chosen profession as a nurse and of helping others in need.

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