Assessment – BSBMGT516: Facilitate Continuous Improvement

Please complete the following activities and hand in to your trainer for marking. This forms part of your assessment for BSBMGT516: Facilitate continuous improvement. Remember to always keep a copy of your assessment before submitting.

Name: _____________________________________________________________

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Employer: _____________________________________________________________


I declare that no part of this assessment has been copied from another person’s work with the exception of where I have listed or referenced documents or work and that no part of this assessment has been written for me by another person.

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Date: ____________________________________________________________

If activities have been completed as part of a small group or in pairs, details of the learners involved should be provided below:

This activity workbook has been completed by the following persons and we acknowledge that it was a fair team effort where everyone contributed equally to the work completed. We declare that no part of this assessment has been copied from another person’s work with the exception of where we have listed or referenced documents or work and that no part of this assessment has been written for us by another person.

Learner 1: ____________________________________________________________

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Competency Record to be completed by Assessor

Learner Name: __________________________

Date of Submission: __________________________

Date of Assessment: __________________________

The learner has been assessed as competent in the elements and performance criteria and the evidence has been presented as:

Satisfactory (S)Non-Satisfactory (NS)Assessor Initials
Activities 1 – 12
Skills and Knowledge Questions
Major Project A
Major Project B

Learner is deemed: COMPETENT NOT YET COMPETENT (Please Circle/Highlight)

  1. Resubmission Date: ________________________
  2. Resubmission Date: ________________________
  3. Resubmission Date: ________________________

Comments from Trainer / Assessor:


Assessor Signature: ___________________________ Date: _______________________


Throughout this unit, you will be expected to show your competency of the elements through observations or demonstrations. Your instructor will have a list of demonstrations you must complete or tasks to be observed. The observations and demonstrations will be completed as well as the activities found in this workbook. An explanation of demonstrations and observations:

Demonstration is off-the-job

A demonstration will require:

  • Performing a skill or task that is asked of you
  • Undertaking a simulation exercise

Observation is on-the-job

The observation will usually require:

  • Performing a work based skill or task
  • Interaction with colleagues and/or customers

Your instructor will inform you of which one of the above they would like you to do. The demonstration/observation will cover one of the unit’s elements.

The observation/demonstration will take place either in the workplace or the training environment, depending on the task to be undertaken and whether it is an observation or demonstration. Your instructor will ensure you are provided with the correct equipment and/or materials to complete the task. They will also inform you of how long you have to complete the task.

You should be able to demonstrate you can:

  1. Lead continuous improvement systems and processes
  2. Monitor and adjust performance strategies
  3. Manage opportunities for further improvement

You should also demonstrate the following skills:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Oral Communication
  • Navigate the world of work
  • Interact with others
  • Get the work done

Activity 1.1

Estimated Time40 Minutes
ObjectiveTo provide you with an opportunity to develop strategies to ensure that team members are actively encouraged and supported to participate in decision-making processes, assume responsibility and exercise initiative as appropriate.
ActivityTwo members of the management team have resigned. Due to a crash in the financial markets, consumer spending has decreased. To cut costs, senior management will only replace one manager. Instead, your job will be spread to include two more teams. Up until this stage, you have always used the participative decision making process. Time constraints and pressure has given you no choice but to introduce consensus decision making to your teams.How do you think teams should be trained? Why have you chosen this approach? Do not limit yourself to those methods found in the learner guide.Do you believe that, once a coach is allocated, your responsibility for the decisions of the team is released? Why?Should you give your team support? Why? Why not? Give at least three examples and the impact that they make to the team.

Activities 1.2 and 1.3

Estimated Time40 Minutes
ObjectiveTo provide you with an opportunity to establish systems to ensure that the organisation’s continuous improvement processes are communicated to stakeholders,and develop effective mentoring and coaching processes to ensure that individuals and teams are able to implement and support the organisation’s continuous improvement processes.
ActivityHelena Estradia has been asked to check the communication system in the administrative department. Several new processes have been introduced to the department to improve and eliminate processing steps to ensure that customer’s orders were shipped faster. Part of the process required all orders to be emailed to the picking department and for the same email to automatically be generated to the customer.The picking department needed to pick and ship the order within 24 hours. A second email should automatically be generated once the order was finalised and shipped to the customer. All emails should have been processed by the administrative department.Draw a flow chart for the procedure outlined above. What steps seem to be missing? Use the flow chart to identify the gaps in the communication process?Several customers complained that they did not receive the emails. What information should you gather to ensure that the customers receive emails that confirm processing and shipment?There seems to be a general confusion about this process. Your team is not sure about the process. As a coach, explain how you would implement and support continuous improvement of this process? Include in your answer what an effective coach is, the type of coaching and the skills you would use? Explain each answer that you have given.

Activities 1.4 and 1.5

Estimated Time40 Minutes
ObjectiveTo provide you with the chance to ensure that change and improvement processes meet sustainability requirements and ensure that insights and experiences from business activities are captured and accessible through knowledge management systems.
ActivityYour organisation wishes to expand its share of the market. You have noticed that your competitors have started using sustainability as part of their marketing.Use your knowledge of an organisation to make recommendations on the following areas, to improve sales using sustainability requirements. You would also like to use knowledge management systems to continuously improve your organisation’s operations. Make recommendations on how you could do this for each goal.GoalSustainabilityrecommendationKnowledgerecommendationYou are considering entering the international market in the next few years and want to have a presence in industry.You would like to use the supply chain to reinforce your claims regards sustainabilityYour organisation wants to make sure that they continuously improve to meet ongoing demand and use products that reflect their support of sustainabilityWhy have you made the recommendations in the table above? Discuss briefly.What steps would you put in place to ensure that your new initiative meets the sustainability requirements? How would you transfer the knowledge in the continuous improvement process?

Activities 2.1 and 2.2

Estimated Time30 Minutes
ObjectiveTo provide you with an opportunity to monitor and adjust performance strategies.
ActivityIndividually or in pairs, complete the following:Using Activities 1.2 and 1.3, identify what strategies you could use to turn the negative customer interactions, into positive interactions. Do you believe that if you respond quickly to the negative feedback, you will be in a position to obtain new opportunities? Explain your answer.What operational progress indicator(s) could you use to measure the customer’s satisfaction? What would you measure?Using Activities 1.2 and 1.3 and the seven step problem solving process, recommend the strategies that you would use to adjust and communicate these to the stakeholders.

Activity 3.1

Estimated Time30 Minutes
ObjectiveTo provide you with an opportunity to establish processes to ensure that team members are informed of outcomes of continuous improvement efforts.
ActivityIndividually or in pairs, complete the following:Helena’s organisation has decided to implement the changes that have been recommended in Activities 1.2, 1.3, 2.1 and 2.2. Using Kotter’s eight-step change model, explain how you would implement the change process.Draw a flow chart to demonstrate how you would communicate any changes that have been recommended.

Activities 3.2 and 3.3

Estimated Time30 Minutes
ObjectiveTo provide you with an opportunity to ensure processes include recording of work team performanceto assist in identifying further opportunities for improvement and consider areas identified for further improvement when undertaking future planning.
ActivityIndividually or in pairs, complete the following:Based on all of the Activities, except for Activity 1.1, list and briefly explain the documentation that would need to be maintained to assist the team in identifying further opportunities for improvement.What documentation would you recommend the organisation maintain for this case? Why?What areas would you recommend for further improvement, to ensure that quality is maintained in future planning?

Skills and Knowledge Activity

Estimated Time1 Hour
ObjectiveTo provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the foundation skills, knowledge evidence and performance evidence.
ActivityComplete the following individually and attach your completed work to your workbook.The answers to the following questions will enable you to demonstrate your knowledge of:ReadingWritingOral CommunicationNavigate the world of workInteract with othersGet the work doneAnswer each question in as much detail as possible, considering your organisational requirements for each one.What things might continuous improvement processes involve?Create a mind map to outline knowledge management systems.How can you do the following:Increase efficienciesMitigate riskMeet new challengesMonitor business activitiesProcess information faster?Outline the concept of the waste management hierarchy.Which of the following does your organisation use for recording work team performance:Annotated performance plansRecommendations for improvementQuantitative data such as production figuresRecords and reportsExplain.

Major Activity

Estimated Time1 – 2 Hours
ObjectiveTo provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge of the entire unit.
ActivityThis is a major activity – your instructor will let you know whether you will complete it during class or in your own time.Attach your completed answers to the workbook.You must individually, answer the following questions in full to show your competency of each element:Lead continuous improvement systems and processesMonitor and adjust performance strategiesManage opportunities for further improvementIndividually or in pairs, complete the following and present it as a portfolio:Choose a process or performance criteria that needs to be addressed in your organisation. The process must consider a sustainability issue, continuous improvement and the recommendation of how you would transfer knowledge using a Knowledge Management System (KMS) to your team.Briefly explain and describe what strategies you would use to encourage and support your team to participate in the decision-making process, including assuming responsibilities. Why would they assume responsibility for these areas?How would you communicate with your team? Why?Set goals and identify how you would address any gaps in performance.Complete at least one outline of a proposed performance plan:Identify the desired performance levels of the teamsIdentify the performance levels to be achievedProvide a measure of progress for the desired performance levelsWhat rewards and recognition would you use to encourage and support your team?What decision-making process would you use? Why?What systems would you put in place to communicate the continuous improvement process? Use a flow chart to assist you, if needed.Who are the stakeholders? Why?What continuous improvement processes and systems would you recommend be put in place? Why? Give at least one example.To fill in any gaps in either performance or skills, what process(es) would you put in place? Briefly explain how you would do this and how you would ensure that it is effective?How could you capitalise on new opportunities and be responsive to the market?How would you measure the success of these opportunities? Why use this/these indicator(s)?Use a communication flow chart to demonstrate the communication plan.Manage further continuous improvement strategies using:The Change Management ModelCommunication plan for continuous improvementMaintaining records.Make any recommendations that you feel are important to this process.
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